Zero-Time Selling by Andy Paul is a little book with a big impact and a simple but powerful message.

If you are looking for a book on sales training ideas for your kick-off, or a new sales methodology, this is not it.

The ideas in this book however will have a more immediate impact on any company if implemented, than any new sales methodology or training event.

I was introduced to Zero-Time Telling, by Anthony Iannarino who mentioned it in a recent video interview. I have been writing about responsiveness and decided I had better read what Andy had to say.

Now I need to get everyone I know reading it because;

  • the ideas are simple and obvious, but often counter-intuitive,
  • will move the sales needle,
  • very few companies are using them,
  • once you know them, they cannot be ignored. 

Core Tenets of Zero time Selling

Zero-Time Selling = Responsiveness = Content + Speed

Andy states, “A quick but incomplete response to a customer’s question is the same as no response at all.

A complete but slow response is marginally better than no response. This has always been the case, and today it’s truer than ever.

Given the trove of information available on the Internet about every type of product and service, if the buyer still has a question for a seller after doing their online research, then their need for an answer is, by definition urgent and critical.” 

Customers today have a simple request of all salespeople. “Just give me the information I need. Now. Don’t dress it up, don’t overdo it, don’t take me to lunch. The time I have to invest in you is limited and all your extraneous activity just wastes my time.” Andy adds.

Selling with Maximum Impact in Least Time 

Andy proposes ten simple solutions for selling with MILT. These form the chapters in the book.

  1. Sell with MILT
  2. Follow up on 100% of sales leads.
  3. Always Sell with the Sharp end of the stick (use your best people to talk to customers)
  4. Do everything now
  5. Practice unconditional support
  6. Provide the Human touch
  7. CRM it
  8. Sell Low
  9. Start Small
  10. Disqualify the Losers

Andy promises with Zero Time Selling, you will

  • Increase sales without Increasing Headcount
  • Build loyal and repeat customer by using absolute responsiveness to create value for them during the buying process and after they purchase your product.
  • Convert an ever increasing percentage of sales into leads and orders by reducing the response time to leads, questions and requests for quotes and support to zero.

The Corollaries

Andy drills down on each of the ten tenets above and proposes a corollary to commonly held beliefs in sales. 

Here are three corollaries from “Start Small”

  1. Start Small to Reduce Customer Risk.
  2. Start Small to Reduce Your Risk
  3. Start Small to Level the Playing Field. 


  1. Zero-time selling requires a change in thinking and behavior.
  2. Zero-time selling starts with the next lead that comes in.
  3. Zero-time selling requires technology to support salespeople and WittyParrot delivers the technology to build highly responsive sales teams and enable Zero Time Selling

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