The definition of Zeal is “great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or objective.” 

In the context of this article, the objective at hand is to sell your product or service. To be very precise, your objective is to create a ton of value for your prospects and customers through the use of your product or service.z-is-for-zeal

You tell me – do you think someone without zeal for what they are selling will do better than someone with zeal for what they are selling?

In 1994, I was running a small business unit in Malaysia.

An entrepreneur named KeshMahinder Singh (now CEO of Profitera Corporation) pitched us a CRM system to manage our business.

The software was good but our business unit was just starting and really we didn’t need a CRM system at that stage. We could have managed all of the prospects and deals that we had going via Mirosoft Excel. Kesh was a salesperson on fire. Not only he knew a LOT about the software he was selling, he had stories after stories of companies of our size using their software because it laid a great foundation for their future.

Long story short – we bought what Kesh was selling and more importantly we felt very good about it. Did Kesh’s zeal play a role in us buying something that MIGHT have been useful but there was no URGENT need today? You bet it did. 

Reflect on your own buying experiences and you will see that the zeal of salespeople about what they were selling would have made a difference in how fast the deal happened.

Zeal is not something that you can list on your resume as there is no scale to measure it. However, your zeal definitely makes a huge influence on things that you CAN list on your resume.

Zeal is an amplifier

Think of Zeal as an amplifier rather than as an ingredient. When you have everything else in order, your zeal will amplify the overall package. Without the right package and offer in place, your zeal only make you and probably your prospect very tired.

Zeal can be a learned habit 

This is an area where you can “fake it till you make it.” Learning to be zealous is a virtuous cycle. You start being zealous and when you get positive vibes from others for your outlook, you end up being more zealous and the cycle repeats until being zealous becomes your second nature

Zeal has limits

There is a thing called being over-zealous. This is when you lose track of the prospect’s objective and your ability to help him or her meet those objectives. You are now at a stage where you think anyone and everyone should be your customer.  This is when your zeal starts hurting you rather than helping you. 

Overall, it’s worth repeating – “in order to seal the deal, you better have the zeal.”

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