Post excerpt: Developing a strategy to nurture your leads is a major part of keeping your prospects engaged. Here are a few tips on accomplishing the task.

Keeping your prospects engaged is an important part of the sales cycle. It’s no secret that the challenges of a salesperson go beyond making the sale, but involves strategy and planning to make sure your prospects go from deliberation to purchase.


So, how can you keep your prospects interested in what you have to offer? Here are a few suggestions:

Consider your relationship long-term

While making a sale may have been viewed as a short-term goal, it’s time to look at it a little differently. Nurturing your leads should be an integral part of your strategy that cannot be ignored. Not only do you want your prospects to buy, but you want them to come back for more.

Establish a connection

Your prospects have important decisions to make before they buy. These decisions are dependent on the solutions you can offer to solve their problem, how familiar and comfortable they are with your company, how much faith and confidence they have in you, and whether or not having a business relationship will be beneficial.

Ask the right questions

You should have a number of questions to ask your prospects that will provide enough information to craft a strategy that will not only meet, but exceed their expectations and needs. You need to know their potential budget, current challenges, deadlines, concerns and how you can serve them better.

Knowing the criteria they will use to make the decision is key, so finding out the elements of who, what, when, where and how is vital to your success.

Just as importantly, make sure you avoid any questions that will make your prospects question your integrity or ability to deliver. Do not use any language that can seem as if you are trying to manipulate the conversation.

Formulate a winning strategy

Your strategy for keeping your prospects engaged should include building credibility, demonstrating that your product and services are better than your competitors, showing that you stand out as a leader in the industry, and can help them avoid risk or losses by using your products and services. This is achieved by keeping the lines of communication open, always encouraging a two-way dialogue.

You’ve made the sale but it doesn’t end there. Continue to nurture this lead. Staying in contact with the prospect after the sale is just as important to establish lasting relationships for extended financial rewards.

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