Post excerpt: How can you achieve high-impact sales in a short period of time? Here are the new rules of the selling cycle.

High-impact sales are crucial to the success of an organization in enhancing the bottom line. Enabling yourself and the team to effectively turn prospects into conversions that make a difference is a key element of the selling cycle and can help in developing your personal selling style.


It is important to have a consistent and productive method for moving forward, but understanding the new rules in high-impact sales is pivotal in shaping your strategy. Here are a few:

Have clear goals

From beginning to end, there must be clearly defined sales goals starting from a tactical standpoint that seamlessly move into a strategic initiative. This helps in building a foundation that will help the elements of sales work cohesively within the operations of the company.

Employ high levels of communication

Salespeople and management should work collaboratively to develop tactics that will work. This includes integrating every department that can effectively send leads to the sales department and setting the right expectations for achievement. Each member of the sales team must be trained, coached and equipped with all the tools they will need to be successful based on the strategic goals of the company.

Properly position yourself for every prospect

Doing the right research on your prospects is key. Knowing their background, processes and how you can help enhance their business is an integral part of the prospect meeting. Having an agenda set, asking questions, and allowing them to fill in the blanks will assist in tailoring your conversation to work in your advantage.

Think value

When meeting with customers, you must go beyond the basics of making a sale and focus on the value you can deliver. Being successful in identifying where you can make improvements with your products and services and quantifying their dollars will help solidify the sale. Clearly outlining the benefits your products and services can provide puts the pressure on the customer to identify areas where they may be able to object, but cannot.

Hone your skills

It takes skill and drive to consistently make high-impact sales. These skills involve being able to analyze the prospect’s business, understanding their priorities and how these priorities fit into the overall plan of the organization. Presenting value-driven options is persistence and effort combined and is not learned overnight. In order to become a high-impact sales professional, you must put in the work to achieve demanding goals.

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