Note from the Editors: This is a super smart tip. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the title as the actual technique and the thinking behind what is shared by Greg is pure gold.


The key to business is TRUST.

How do you build trust with potential sales targets? The best way is to befriend them. Create your target list and have a “high profile” dinner. Get some interesting people to come (no more than 23). Once you’ve got those influential people, invite your sales target. Have a wonderful meal or drinks and do not talk business at the table. Your goal is to build that relationship. When the cheque comes, pay for it. They will say thank you. 90 seconds later, bring up how you think you can work together and schedule a follow up.

Follow this in a disciplined fashion and you will increase your hit ratio hugely.


About Greg Isenberg
Greg Isenberg is a mobile product guy, marketer and investor. He’s help build marketing and social media campaigns for FedEx, Microsoft, TechCrunch and Word-press. He also helped develop the world’s most popular stock market simulator, Wall Street Survivor.

He currently is the CEO 5by (acquired by StumbleUpon) and Venture Partner at Good People Ventures, an early stage angel fund.

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