This article is reprinted, with the author Nancy Nardin’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.


UPS reduced their fuel consumption and increased their delivery stats by optimizing their routes for right-hand turns – eliminating left-hand turns wherever possible. This simple change in process (how their drivers conducted their daily activities) resulted in millions of dollars of fuel savings & improved productivity.

That’s because left-hand turns required extra waiting, or idle time, due to red lights & cross-traffic. What does this have to do with selling? When a salesperson isn’t talking with a prospect they’re wasting precious sales fuel. Take a look at what they’re doing at that moment. Can that activity be done faster a different way? Does that activity even need to be done – or can it be done by someone else?

UPS drivers have a limited amount of hours in the day. The only way to cover more territory is to reduce the time that’s spent not driving. The same can be said for sellers. The only way to cover more sales opportunities in the same amount of available hours is to reduce the time that’s spent in between.

Eliminate the left-hand turns in your sales process to increase sales.

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