I read an excellent article last week from one of my favorite bloggers, Anthony Iannarino entitled “Ruthlessly Prioritize

It’s about how each of us manages the time we have available. It aptly describes the mind-set required to be a good prospector in sales.

Anthony blogs every day and his articles are invariably interesting and insightful (if you haven’t tried it, the practice of daily blogging requires ruthless discipline). If you haven’t read Anthony’s TheSalesBlog, you can sign up for it here.

What I like about Anthony’s article is the elevation of purpose beyond completing a list of tasks.  The article begins, “You can’t manage your time.

Time is something over which you have zero control.

You can’t find more time because there isn’t any more.

You have all you are going to have, do with it what you may.

Even though you can’t find or make more time, you can exercise control over yourself.

This isn’t time management; it’s “me management.”

If you want to get the most out of the time you have, you have to become an excellent “me manager.” states Anthony.

Anyone who suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, (and I do), knows that “me management” is the hardest part of getting anything done. It’s not the task at hand that is the problem, it’s getting focused, starting the job and staying on task and avoiding distractions until it is completed.

Not What. Who?

Anthony continues, “But it isn’t what you are doing that matters most. It’s for whom you are doing it.

If you are going to ruthlessly prioritize your time, you need to start with the outcomes you need to generate for and with the people who matter most in your life (and your business life is a big part of your life, isn’t it?).

People are always first, but even they need to be prioritized. Who matters most? Time you spend with some is time you aren’t spending with others. Think it through”.

This is a tremendous lesson for salespeople with families, who sometimes confuse priorities, instead of working on the outcome for the people who matter most.

Get Leverage & Improve Sales Productivity

Purpose drives behavior and massive purpose creates new and positive outcomes. 

In the sales profession, the task of prospecting; of picking up the phone and getting a stranger on the end of the phone and risking rejection is the most important driver of positive outcomes and sales productivity.

If you are a little call-reluctant, or having trouble getting around to making the calls, perhaps a photograph of your family by the phone could help connect the task at hand with your purpose and the people who matter most in your life.

If that’s not enough leverage to get you smiling and dialing, try a Tony Robbins technique… “now imagine your family has been taken hostage by terrorists and they have guns to their head. If you don’t make those 30, 40 or 50 dials today they will all be killed”. Tony Robbins suggests that if you have enough reasons (emotional leverage), you’ll do anything.

So getting more prospecting done is about ruthless discipline and emotional leverage.

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