Every salesperson irrespective of the industry and geography is engaged in a battle – a battle in partnership with marketing for the mind share of their prospects and customers.

The most responsive salespeople will have a better chance of winning the battle leaving the rest by the wayside.

Think about it – it is hard enough for the marketing team to cut through the noise and get the attention of a prospect and bring them to a stage where the prospect is asking for some information.

Unlike old times, when the prospect had limited choices, he or she is not going to wait forever to get THAT information. Your prospect is one click away from relinquishing interest in your product or service and then the privilege is transferred to… you guessed it right – a competitor whose salespeople are more responsive than yours. 


Speed, Relevance & Insight are the New Competitive Battleground

There are many reasons but the simplest reason is the prospect CAN change his or her mind for any reason or just no reason.

In this short (less than 2 minutes) conversation between Mark Gibson (VP of Marketing for WittyParrot) and Gerhard Gschwandtner (founder and Chairman of Selling Power) the focus is on how salespeople can win by contacting inbound prospect inquiries either on the phone or via email with almost zero latency.

Mark Gibson interview with Gerhard Gschwandtner at Sales 2.0 Conference 

My friend Andy Paul calls this Zero Time Selling (he also has an awesome book by the same name) and the concept is simple – how can you equip ALL your salespeople so that they have ALL the information to respond with zero latency. You got the attention of a prospect with great difficulty and the fastest way you can lose that attention is by squandering it with a delay in taking more than necessary time to respond.

How can you get your team started in becoming more responsive?

You can start by downloading this 34-page FREE ebook that Mark Gibson and I wrote recently titled “Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams

About the Author

Rajesh “Raj” Setty is a serial entrepreneur and a business alchemist based in Silicon Valley. He currently serves as the president of WittyParrot. He was instrumental in founding several US or India based technology and publishing companies. 

Raj has been a member of Band of Angels since 2007 and is an award-winning teacher at the Founder Institute.

He has authored and published 14 books so far with his first book being published at the age of thirteen. He has published more than 1875 blog posts so far. You can read his blog and follow him on him on Facebook or Twitter.

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