Last month I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Anthony Iannarino at the #Sales2.0Conf in San Francisco.

It was a pleasure for me because having read his stuff for years, I felt I “knew” him.

In person and on stage, he is very charming and engaging. Anthony has a quiet and serene intensity about him and an intelligence that reminds me of some of my friends who are into Eastern spirituality. We had several opportunities during the show to swap stories and share insights about the industry and it became clear we agree on many issues.

Anthony runs a staffing business as well as being a sales coach and University lecturer on selling and leadership. His resume is interesting and his life story is fascinating. He blogs every day and I see a lot of very thoughtful comment in his posts… they have a deep current through them like Seth Godin’s.

Anthony is an early adopter of WittyParrot, having used the product from its simple early beta 9 months ago, to the current version, in controlled release. As such he represents the user types;

* knowledge worker,

* entrepreneur,

* sales person

* marketer.

(This, I think, is the profile of the today’s successful salespeople… they need to be all of the above.) 

We got onto the subject of the current challenges in sales enablement and marketing and discussed perspectives on the state of the buyer-seller relationship that I think sales leaders and individuals in sales will find helpful and worthy of investing the time to view the series of short video clips.

How important is Responsiveness?

Discusses the decay curve and likelihood of getting a prospect on the phone within 5 minutes of a lead completing a form, vs 10 minutes or 30 minutes later.


Responsiveness, Qualified Leads and Unicorns

There is no such thing as a qualified lead any more. Buyers show up as inbound leads at any point in their buying process, your job is to respond quickly and help them. Comment here about the impact Andy Paul has on sales teams – by getting salespeople to pick up the phone immediately a lead comes in, he sees sales performance increase up to 50%.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Responsiveness

Discussion around breaking down the sales and marketing silos and the facilitation of the buying process -wherever the buyer is in their buying process. Speed is competitive advantage.

Impressions of WittyParrot

Anthony has been using WittyParrot for months and kindly shared his perspectives. His views are not from a techy, but as a user in sales that address a key sales-enablement use case around sales productivity, information freshness and speed.

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