Note from the Editors: Danielle’s tip is all about listening. It’s easy to do and easy not to do. You will be better off doing it rather than skipping it.


Sales reps often get comfortable with their winning pitch and want to use that on every prospect, rather than adapting to the unique interests and challenges of that prospect. That rarely works in the long run.

I monitor what all of my prospects, customers and partners are saying on Twitter via HubSpot’s Social Inbox tool. I have streams set up; so that I’m alerted any time they mention an area of interest or expertise of mine. I then engage them right on Twitter. If they’re tweeting about it, and I’m an expert, they are much more likely to respond to me. It’s hard to get prospects on the phone.

Most prospects take joy in deleting batches of emails, especially from salespeople. By paying attention to what their interests are on Twitter, I can connect at a much higher rate. When I do reach out by phone or email, they already know who I am, and know that I have expertise in a common area of interest.

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Danielle Herzberg
Danielle is a Sales Manager at HubSpot where she is responsible for managing a team of 11 sales reps. Prior to managing a sales team; Dannie sold HubSpot as an individual contributor directly to business owners, large enterprises, and through value added resellers.

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