Jack Porter is a serial entrepreneur, investor and CEO of Forward Accelerator, a startup accelerator and investment fund helping startups launch and coaching entrepreneurs to succeed in raising funds and grow their business.

Jack is not a salesperson, but spends most of his days either coaching or communicating with other entrepreneurs, angel investors and managing inquiries and opportunities. He spends a lot of his time talking to people, listening to sales pitches, assessing people and making connections. 

WittyParrot had an opportunity to present their product in a recent “shark tank” experience where a number of entrepreneurs presented their product to a group of angel of investors.

I had an opportunity to interview Jack who is an early adopter of WittyParrot and board adviser to WittyParrot, on how he uses the WittyParrot product.

Entrepreneurs, like salespeople are constantly communicating their ideas and there is fair amount repetition in what and how they communicate. By capturing and reusing frequently used communication components (wits), Jack is able to save many hours per week and so can you if you are an entrepreneur or knowledge worker.

Jack suggest that more than 50% of the core material he communicates in email is common and is being captured and reused in WittyParrot.

I asked Jack if he thought $1 per day licence fee for WittyParrot was a fair bargain for the hour or more in time he is saving every day. What do you think he said?

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