Note from the Editors: Paul’s Pay it Forward, always be helping strategy creates no-effort opportunities to get close to someone you don’t know, to have an initial meaningful conversation.


Prospecting is the art of “Determining the Probability of Relevance” for doing business with a specific person in the future. (all deals are done between people initially; then their business entities)

To make this process as accurate and effective as possible it is important to treat this interaction like a mini sale. The steps might look like this…

1. Building Rapport
2. Building Trust
3. Understanding Need
4. Presenting Value and
5. Assessing the relevance and probability of doing business in the future.

Being able to quickly establish a relationship of trust and rapport is critical to get enough information from the other person about potential areas of engagement. People do not talk about problems they need help with unless they feel comfortable in you as a person and trust you to protect them.

One of the fastest ways to do this; is to very quickly find ways for you to help them. Help them with things that might or might not be related to your core offering. Just start helping people as soon as you get to meet them. I call this strategy … Always Be Caring.

I recently had a productive business conversation with a Sr. Manager at a larger Pharmaceutical Company because, when I first met her, I had the opportunity to help her when we were standing in-line at the breakfast buffet bar at a conference; I offered to hold her plate while she fished around for a business card to give someone else. We then introduced ourselves and talked about what we did. During that short 3 minute conversation, we learnt that it made sense for us to talk again.

Which we did.

“Pay It Forward” is a good strategy to get close enough to someone to have a meaningful conversation. Help people do things that are important to them and create the space to get to know them. This will not just help you qualify a prospect and find an opportunity; you might actually qualify a specific opportunity against Timelines, Budget and understanding of their Requirements.

Wishing you only the best.

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