This article is reprinted, with the author Kurt Shaver’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.


Combine the telephone with LinkedIn’s “Keep in Touch” feature that alerts you to important events within your network like:

  • A promotion
  • A new job
  • A mentioned in the news
  • A birthday

While clicking LinkedIn’s “Say congratulations” button is an easy way to stay top-of-mind, take it one step farther & initiate a real conversation. There are three benefits of a two-way, synchronous dialog:

  1. Communication Flows Faster: The back & forth of a live conversation can shave days off a typical email thread.
  2. Random Topics: Topics that may seem tangential in a short email thread often pop in up real conversations, revealing new opportunities.
  3. It’s a Good Phone Warm-Up Exercise: Salespeople sometime avoid the phone for fear of rejection. Congratulating people on “Keep in Touch” Good News builds momentum for other calls.

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