Most salespeople dislike their CRM application.

Get over it.

Regardless of which app, how many features, and how much data entry it requires, not using it is not an option.

Not only that, using it sparingly is not an option either. 


Rather than living in your email, using your calendar and task list as tools, and visiting your CRM app as infrequently as you can manage, try reversing your priorities.

Live in your CRM application.

That is the one place you must start each day.

That is the only application that can show you at a glance, which opportunities need your attention, which require follow-up, which need to be moved along, which stage of the pipeline needs to be filled, whether you have enough opportunities in the pipeline to hit your numbers, how you are trending, where you are dropping the ball, and what you need to do today.

Then, in order to support your pipeline building and development activities, you can use email as a tool, the phone as a tool

Your calendar and task list are tools to support life in CRM as well. 

New Call-to-Action

I’m willing to bet that if you start each day in your CRM app, update everything in real time, take it seriously, and use your other tools to support life in CRM, that your pipeline will increase in size, value, conversions, win-rates, and sold.

Are you willing to take me up on this bet?

Let me know. Drop me an email and let me know how you made out.

About Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan is a top-rated speaker, best-selling author, and sales development expert. He was a finalist for the Top Sales & Marketing Thought Leader of 2011. His company, Objective Management Group, won the award for Top Sales Assessment Tool from 2011 – 2013 and his Blog, Understanding the Sales Force, earned Top Sales & Marketing Blog from 2011 – 2013. He is also the CEO of Kurlan & Associates, a global sales consulting and training firm.

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