Note from the Editors: Kyle breaks prospecting down to a 12-step process brilliantly. And, we can’t resist this so we will say it WittyParrot can totally help with Item #6 on Kyle’s list.

Customer acquisition machines have a process. I like to call it cadence. One example is the 7 x 7 approach that many of our clients use. Here’s how it works:

  1. Break your sales team into prospectors and closers.
  2. Show your prospectors how to get great customer data quickl(*disclosure*: this is what we help with).
  3. Have prospectors create lists either daily or weekly.
  4. Email 50 prospects each morning.
  5. Follow up with a 6 touches (calls & emails) over a 6 day period to that audience.
  6. Use technology to speed up routine tasks (chrome extensions, email templates, text accelerators).
  7. Make email templates funny (we use a picture of a man being chased by a hippo in one of ours).
  8. Improve process on a monthly basis.
  9. Create a “play-book” that defines your process and best practices. Continually update it.
  10. Set goals for performance pay and promotion.
  11. Report on all rep’s performance weekly to the entire team and leadership group.
  12. Win 🙂

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