At the Sales 2.0 Conference last month I sat in Phil Harrell, VP of Enterprise Sales at HubSpot’s presentation entitled Inbound Sales. In our interview after his talk, I asked Phil what he meant by inbound sales.

What is Inbound Sales?

“There has been a dramatic shift in how people buy. Buyers today have all of the information in their control. Inbound Selling is about providing tools and behavioral intelligence, so that salespeople are armed with the contextualized, personalized information they need to have meaningful conversations.

HubSpot is taking the lead on this. It’s a natural extension to Inbound Marketing. Our customers are asking for tools to have personalized conversations so they know who to follow up with, when to follow how to follow up,” Phil added.

How Important is Responsiveness?

HubSpot has built a phenomenal lead generation machine cranking out more than 70,000 leads per month. I asked Phil how they can possibly follow up on all of those leads.

His answer may surprise you. – they don’t follow up on every lead.

“The key is to send the best leads to sales for follow up and when we do, passing over the information about who the buyer is, what their interests are so that when my sales team follows up they can do it in a very personalized and professional way.”

I suggested to Phil that HubSpot is uniquely placed for responsive inbound selling.

“Signals is an exciting new tool from HubSpot that gives notification to sales in real-time when a lead comes in, so that salespeople can call that lead straight away. You have 5 minutes to follow up on a lead with the best chance of getting the buyer on the phone and only 1% of companies can do that.

HubSpot is Integrated with and Signals gives notifications to salespeople when the lead comes in and when it’s the right time to followup the lead (when they convert as a lead, when they revisit your website, when they open your email or click on a link)”

What are your Impressions of WittyParrot?

We demonstrated WittyParrot to Phil at our booth and discussed the use case for Inbound Sales. Buyers are impatient, time starved and expect sales to be responsive.

“I was impressed with WittyParrot. It fits nicely into the overall inbound story along with Signals. Buyers today are making their own journey, doing their own research without sales, they are impatient and time-starved. When they want information, they want it straight away. How fast you are able to respond is an indicator to a buyer of your interest in working with them. Any tool like WittyParrot that enables you to get the right content out to the right person in a timely manner is going to help salespeople be more productive and it’s going to be very helpful for inbound selling.”

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