I have been using WittyParrot since version 0.1 – the first internal release. At that time, I used WittyParrot because I “wanted to” as I was one of the founders of the company. Today, I use WittyParrot because I “have to” and the alternate options for what I can do with WittyParrot are super cumbersome.

Some of you will still think that this is plain marketing talk but as you read along I am sure you will be convinced that it is ONE WittyParrot user’s experience and delight and nothing else.

Basics:WittyParrot provides an always-on widget (available online and offline) from where I can drag and drop wits into an email or a document with ease. A wit is a reusable content block. It could be simply a piece of text, a piece of text with in-line images, a PDF, a piece of text with multiple attachments. A wit could be a combination of all the above.

Some Stats:

Total # of wits in my system: 650+

Total # of times I use WittyParrot in a day: Wrong question. I use it every hour in the day

Days in the month I use WittyParrot: It depends on how many days are in a month as I use it everyday

How I have organized my Wits

I have a few folders as shown in the image below.

The key items are:

Intros | I introduce a lot of people that may benefit from meeting each other. I have over 300 wits in this section

Meeting Locations | I have put coffee shops, restaurants, golf clubs etc where I meet people

Portfolio | Here I store wits about companies that I am associated with. When there are questions about those companies, it takes me only a couple of minutes to drag and drop the right wits to send back a response.

Quotes | Collection of quotes that are inspirational and I can drag them at the end of an email

Press and More | All things that I could send to journalists etc.


Shareworthy | These are folders where everything is ready to be shared. These may be collection of relevant blog posts, some of my ebooks, resources and references that are most requested from me etc.

How Long Did it Take Before WittyParrot was Part of my Life?

A few weeks. The moment I had more than 30 wits, there was no going back to the old model of
* searching for reusable text in old emails
* hunting for files to attach
* copying and pasting from Evernote etc.

Templates won’t work.


Because questions don’t come in templates so answers can’t be in templates either.

Quick Tricks That Have Made a Huge Difference1. Sort by “Most Used”

I set the “sort by” to “Most Used” instead of “Date Modified” so whenever I open the WittyWidget, I see wits sorted by the ones that have been most used. As you can see int he image below, I don’t have to search a lot for wits I want – 80% of the time I will find the right ones at the top of the list

2. Mail to Create a Wit

Whenever I am writing an email if I feel that I might use some contents from the email once again in the future, I will bcc to an email address [ format <username>.wittyparrot.com ]. In less than a couple of minutes, my email gets created as a wit and placed in “Unorganized Wits” folder. Later in the day, I will choose the right parts to make a wit, rename it and move it to an appropriate folder.

3. Save As

Many times I have to create a wit that has parts of a current wit. At that time, I just use the “Save As” feature and make a copy of the wit and then enhance/change it to make a new wit.


I have just scratched the surface of what all I can do with WittyParrot. I probably have material to create another 500 wits that will be useful for my companies, for my teaching assignments at Founder Institute and for my volunteer work at charities I am supporting. 

I spend less than half the time I used to spend on email communication but with some more organizing, I can be even more efficient. It’s just a matter of time.

Ultimately WittyParrot enables me to be more responsive in my communication and get more done in less time.

Topics: Sales Enablement, responsiveness


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