Post excerpt: Effectively handling sales objections is a skill needed to close deals. Here are tips on how to do it right.

As a salesperson, your ultimate goal is to win the sale and not hear those dreaded words “No,” or “I don’t know.” In any business, sales objections are the norm, but understanding why the prospect is objecting and coming up with ways to not complete the sale will help you have an effective strategy in place to overcome and conquer.


There are a few ways to enhance this skill:

Listen to the big picture.

Once your prospect has voiced reasons why they do not want to move forward, it’s time to take action. Let them explain in detail what their issues and concerns are before you assume you have lost the sale. Make sure their objections are real concerns where you can proactively provide solutions. By effectively listening, you can assess their thought process, needs and pick up on what they really want.

Address each objection as a separate entity.

One of the ways to counteract the objections of the customer is to take what you have heard and ask probing questions which will help you explore and address their reasoning. Repeat what they have said to make sure you fully understand, and then tailor your response accordingly. For instance, if you are out of town and they want to meet monthly, you can confidently assure them you will either travel for the meeting or have an ongoing video conference. Utilize the technological tools you have to keep your productivity while enhancing the customer relationship.

Keep your cool.

It may be difficult for your prospect to embrace the thought of change, but you will get more with a great attitude than one that reacts negatively to what they say. Be confident, but not pushy and always keep it professional.

Confirm that you are on the same page.

Make sure you confirm that you have addressed every objection they have and then some, then redirect the conversation back to the task at hand. Re-summarize your pitch, include the new information and proceed to close the sale.

Being able to solve problems is a huge part of making the sale. Having a strategy to handle and overcome sales objections will help you in not only increasing your productivity, but in learning how to deal with any prospect you may encounter. Look at sales objectives as a positive, and use what you have gained as an opportunity to hone your delivery.

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