“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” 

― Meister Eckhart 

The opposite of feeling grateful for what you have is to feel entitled for everything you have got.

As someone in Sales, feeling entitled for ANYTHING is a step towards future misery.

You are not entitled for the business given by your current customers and you are definitely not entitled for business from your prospects.

You have to be someone and do something that will EARN the right to win and keep every deal.

Being grateful is not one of those touchy-feely personal development mantras to read and forget.

It is something to be practiced every single day.

There is a philosophical reason to be grateful and there is a practical reason to do so. Let us look at the practical reason, as most people are interested in that aspect:

Let’s do this exercise that will take less than three minutes

Take a piece of paper and for the next 90 seconds start listing all the things that you should be grateful for today.

Don’t think too much and don’t stop. Keep writing.

OK, Welcome back

If you are like most people, you will notice at the end of 90 seconds that you have just scratched the surface and you could have probably gone for the whole hour writing all the stuff you should be grateful for.

Now, think about it some more.

These things were there before you started this exercise and these things will continue to be there after you complete the exercise (most probably) but the only difference is that the exercise brought them to the forefront of your awareness. There were many items in the list that you had taken for granted because…they were just there.

The keyword here is NOTICING.

You started noticing things that were hidden in plain sight. 

Here is the practical reason. In sales, you have a clear competitive advantage if you can NOTICE what others take for granted. Practice being grateful everyday and you will start noticing what others are taking for granted.

Being grateful also makes you grounded and peaceful at heart. Have a peaceful outlook and it shows up externally in the form of that quiet confidence that will help your prospects to get a feeling that they ARE in good hands. Your confidence in yourself is what will give them confidence in you.  Plus, you will boost your chances of being likeable with this attitude.

My friend Erika Anderson says, “Customers (and potential customers) love to feel that you are grateful for their business; it creates strong bonds of loyalty and mutual support.”

There is no straight-line growth in any career but in sales and the world of entrepreneurship, it gets complicated some more because your victories and failures are all in public.

While it requires a healthy self-esteem to tide through the times when you are down, being grateful helps you to appreciate the learning that comes from your failure.

Falling down is not something you can avoid forever, when you are practicing being grateful, your view of the “falling down.” The result – it makes it easy for you to get back on your feet when you fall down next time.

Last but not the least, practicing being grateful shifts your focus to the PRESENT where you will be the most productive.

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