Want to know ONE trait that separates successful salespeople from the also-rans…

I’ve worked with hundreds of sales professionals during my career.

And I’ve had client relationships with hundreds more.

I’ve observed some of the best (my father and brother, to name two).

And some of the worst (the folks at the cable company come to mind).

And I’ve finally come to understand and appreciate something.

The one trait that separates the successful and confident ones from the also-rans.

No, it’s not superior brainpower, discipline, or a mega-memory.

And no, it’s not the all-consuming desire for riches or for trips to tropical island resorts.

It’s not even a killer USP, the lowest prices, or mastery of the power of persuasion.

It’s belief.

Belief in their people, products, and services.

Belief in their view of the world and their unique place in it.

And belief in really making a difference in customers’ lives, with their experiences, concerns, and dreams.

The economist John Stuart Mill wrote, “One person with a belief is equal to ninety-nine who have only interests.”

I happen to believe him (no surprise).

And I find it especially true in the world of sales.

Believe and you will achieve.

Passionate belief creates passionate customers and mushrooming sales.

Less successful and less passionate salespeople get all caught up in “making the numbers.”

Or in the features and benefits nuances of their products and services.

And so, they become intimidated by prospects with superior technical knowledge.

Or by competitors with better features or broader product offerings.

And by the end of each day, full of anxiety about whether they’ve made their numbers, they’re often exhausted and disenchanted.

New Call-to-Action

Successful salespeople, on the other hand, focus all of their energy on uniquely adding value to the lives of each person they touch.

They fervently believe in their role as experts, problem solvers, confidants, and friends.

And because they know that the best they can do is to genuinely care and try their hardest, they have boundless energy and a genuine sense of accomplishment.

If, like me, you believe John Stuart Mill and you desire greatness, then move beyond mere interest in what you do.


Then boldly reach out to everyone who can benefit from what you have to offer.
And your belief will create your reality.

About Tom Asacker

Tom Asacker is the author of The Business of Belief, Inc. Magazine’s choice for the most inspirational business book of 2013. Connect with Tom on Twitter: @tomasacker or by email: tomasacker@gmail.com

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