Post excerpt: How can you get better referrals? There are a few ways to solidify referrals that will garner concrete leads for immediate sales. Here’s how.


Getting strong sales leads and prospects largely depend on a number of things. One of the most effective and strongest sales tools is the referral. How strong is your referral network and how are you positioning yourself to get referred? These are integral parts of your sales strategy and should be used every time you encounter colleagues, associates, prospects and customers. Want to be in high demand? Here’s how:

1. Create the culture.

Every time you interact with someone, you want to keep the door open for additional opportunities. Be customer-centered. At the end of a meeting, ask them how you can help their business grow. Those types of questions will keep your customers loyal while demonstrating you care about the success of their organization. This will help you create your own referral system and maintain an appreciative stance with your clients. A personal networking solution will not only help you with your referrals, but establish an internal working relationship among like-minded individuals.

2. Tailor your tactics.

As you build your referral system, use the right tactics to solidify your sources. You can do this by recognizing and thanking your sources, include requests in your email correspondence, add a line for referrals to your email signature, make sure every client is aware of your services, refer people to business that have a similar clientele to brand build and establish relationships. Always send a personal thank-you note to every referral, and think of something special to send to your referrals when it turns into a sale.

3. Treat business associates and customers as partners.

Treat your customers, vendors and suppliers as strategic partners. This will help reach other individuals within the industry that you may have not had access to, and will create additional streams of communication.

4. Participate in forums.

Communicating with prospects and leads in public forums will allow you to be open and helpful to others who may have questions about the industry and getting business they need. This will not only position you as a leader, but will build credibility for your brand.

5. Assess your strategy.

Once you have this process in place, establish a timeline where you can assess what is working and what needs to be retooled. Do not leave the referral process to chance. Having a process in place that is effective is crucial in the success of getting the referrals that you desire.

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