Post excerpt: Using the right technological tools can help aggressively seek and move prospects from lead to sale. Here are a few suggestions on the types of tools you can use to get effective results.

Having the right tools to compete with the competition is important in getting the sales you need. Taking a quick assessment of the tools you currently use and implementing new ones will help you in gaining an edge while retaining the talent you have. The right tools will help your sales team work more effectively and efficiently while promoting company productivity and growth.

While there are a plethora of tools in the market to choose from, here are 5 savvy and super useful types to include in your arsenal this quarter:

1. Mobile Productivity

You must use a tool that has significant mobile functionality so that information can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based tools will help in updating deals, analyzing historical data and more. A mobile productivity tool will help your sales team work well on-the-ground while bringing in new business.

2. Collaborative Methods

Chatter by Salesforce is a good tool to use for collaboration. This tool will help the entire team get aligned by sharing information on leads in real-time. This will also help teammates who cross-function to respond quickly and close sales working together in a collaborative virtual environment.

3. Virtual Demonstrations

Using an app that will allow you to perform demos at the touch of a button or using a screen-sharing app. Tools like Reflector or are excellent representations of technology at its best to assist in enterprise sales.

4. Sales Enablement

Sales enablement tools allow enterprise sales teams to perform effortlessly. This gives the salesperson access to catalogs and other digital information at a moment’s notice. Any information the salesperson needed would be stored onto to their device which would eliminate the need to carry notebooks and other cumbersome product specs and other sales content. Honeywell’s ArcTouch and WittyParrot are some good tools for this.

5. Customer Relationship Management

Base is a good enterprises sales tool to help grow your business. It has a number of features that allow teams to work together and also leverages data that can be extracted into reports. This tools integrate with email and makes even the most junior salesperson in your team more productive and efficient with their throughput.

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