Post excerpt: Having effective strategies to improve your sales productivity is a crucial part of being successful. Here are a few ways to do this.

So you’ve mastered the prospect meeting and have implemented tactics to keep your prospects engaged. What next? How is your sales productivity? If you’re a true salesperson, this is one of the most important things on your agenda – making the numbers count.

So, how can you improve your strategy and productivity to generate more sales? Here are some suggestions:

Assess your data.

Using technology and tools to simplify the sales process is a great thing, but it doesn’t work without sufficient data. Making sure your data is accurate and usable to reach prospects, nurture your leads and maintain relationships with current customers will help you leverage your position as a salesperson and improve the quality of your offering.

Evaluate your tools.

To be effective, you have to know what works and what doesn’t. Are your sales solutions working to help or hinder you? Evaluate the tools you use to enhance your productivity to make sure they are really assisting you in getting the job done. Track your results with each tool you use to determine which components are better suited for your style and operations. The goal should be to manage your leads, prospects and customers more efficiently.

Develop meaningful conversations.

When building relationships, it is important to understand and know your customer, their specific needs and the industries they represent. Using social media, the web and email to interact with these people will help you streamline the data you gather to have specific topics to discuss and explore. Using one platform to house these items to stay on task will save time and increase productivity.

Work with marketing.

Marketing and sales must work together to achieve sales goals. The marketing department has to view the sales team as an integral part of the business, and supply them with high quality leads that are ready for conversion. This takes nurturing internally and externally for the process to increase productivity and work effectively.

Establish metrics.

Having clear, defined sales metrics with performance targets help immensely. This will allow you to view the sales process you currently have from a different perspective to enhance your strategies, skills and relationships for better results.

Using these tactics will not only help you improve your sales productivity, but will give you an opportunity to hone your skills and techniques to measure and maximize your sales results.

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