The general meaning of Upbeat is to be cheerful and optimistic.

If you are in sales (everyone is in sales, one way or the other) being upbeat is NOT optional. It is an entry ticket to get to the next stage.

It’s common sense when you think about it. How in the world can you get your prospects and customers to be excited about what you are selling when you are not upbeat?

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The meaning of Onward (adjective) is to go further, rather than coming to a halt and it’s a good metaphor for advancing with a prospect through their buying process.

In selling, every deliberate interaction with a prospect should produce an advance, or move the opportunity onward.

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Aligning sales and marketing messaging and reusing the messaging “content objects” in various “information products” has been a core part of my work over the past 10 years.

When I read David Meerman Scott’s article on WebInkNow, entitled “Adding context to content to create sales magic” it resonated clearly with my beliefs on how marketing and sales can work together more effectively.

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