At the Sales 2.0 Conference last month I sat in Phil Harrell, VP of Enterprise Sales at HubSpot’s presentation entitled Inbound Sales. In our interview after his talk, I asked Phil what he meant by inbound sales.

What is Inbound Sales?

“There has been a dramatic shift in how people buy. Buyers today have all of the information in their control. Inbound Selling is about providing tools and behavioral intelligence, so that salespeople are armed with the contextualized, personalized information they need to have meaningful conversations.

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A Startling Sales Productivity Statistic

I was introduced to Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools through her business partner after the recent @Sales20conf event in San Francisco and she presented some startling numbers on sales productivity.

An organization with $100M in sales should generate 28M in incremental revenue by increasing their time spent with prospects from 37% to 45%.
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