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WittyParrot is delighted and proud to announce that it’s AI & ML Powered Knowledge Automation Platform has bagged the Smart Innovator Award 2019 at Enterprise Innovation Summit 2019 held at Bengaluru recently.

WittyParrot CTO, Girish Karachiwala, proudly picked up the award on behalf of  Team WittyParrot.

The sales process is getting more and more innovative as the competition is increasing. But to be an ace in sales you need to do the groundwork before putting the cards on the table. The more creative you will be,  the more prospects will be in your kitty. But to be creative one must also be aware of the modern trends that are used in the sales process. There are some trends like Automation and AI that are getting very popular but there are also other trends that you should follow to be in the market.

Sales Trends in 2018
Sales Trends in 2018

These trends are must, to be added to the sales process to be at par:

Automation: Automation is not a privilege now it is a must capability to have in the sales process. The automation can be access to the relevant and approved content or a chatbot while addressing the issues of the customers. A quick access to these tools will definitely improve your customer success factor. The automation is seemingly increasing the efficiency of the sales process it is now not a choice but a necessity.

Visuals: Now it is impossible to convert any lead unless you have any visual proof. The prospects are keen to understand if you have visuals for your product or service else your emails are already reported as spam. It will be a decent show if you are heavily loaded with visuals for your client visit.

Connectivity: Many complex tools have some environment restrictions which can make the sales call go worse. The more simplified tools are the longer will be the customer journey. So make the process simplified, that enables the salesperson to deliver the actual messaging to the client in few clicks.

Account Based: Once you enter the industry, you have to do mapping of your product or service usage and the companies that can be associated with. The CRM apps help you to give a detailed view of company information along with new business opportunities. It makes easy for a salesperson to create a persona of the account and start communicating to get the rightful business opportunity.

These are some of the trends that will surely be followed, but as it is just the first month of the year maybe there will be other trends that may also get added to the list. But I can vouch for WittyParrot that will for sure automate your sales process it creates a centralized repository of all your sales content and with cognitive search capability you can search these in just a click and share in seconds to the customers.

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Ensuring your channel sales teams and sales partners have the latest collateral has always been a difficult task, and making sure they stay true to your brand and marketing style has been nearly impossible. WittyParrot changes the game, allowing you to get your sales affiliates the content they need effortlessly. The cloud connected WittyParrot platform makes certain that they have the latest version of the content. Simultaneously, WittyParrot’s Witty Widget, which is where the content is accessed, has a rich searching feature that surfaces the content that has the specific information or answer your channel sales teams need. This search makes sure that the marketing materials you give your sales partners is easy for them to find and use.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.” Erik Qualman.

Ever heard of “Customer is King”? Yes it’s an age old saying, but it still stands true today. Today’s customer are way more active and attentive than those of the past. Not only do they have a choice but a voice too. The customer’s voice is so strong today that it can even overpower that of the actual sales and marketing team in the market place- this could hurt you or could be your saving grace if you optimize for this new opportunity. Always stay connected with your customers and reign supreme by maximizing your social selling skills.

Oracle Sales Cloud Customers Can Use WittyParrot to Help Find Relevant Content Faster and Improve Efficiencies When Delivering Targeted Content to Prospects and Customers

This article is reprinted, with the author Japjot Sethi’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.

This article is reprinted, with the author David Ny’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.

This article is reprinted, with the author Rich Novak’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.

This article is reprinted, with the author Paula Cassin’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.