San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 24, 2014

Collateral as we knew it is dead. This new eBook explains how to create componentized sales and marketing messaging content that is structured for reuse.

Collateral as we knew it, is dead. It was created in silos by product marketing, sales enablement, recruitment or customer support professionals in one-off’s or as part of a launch.

Often the result of the feverish efforts of a few bright people rushing to reach a deadline, and once born, it died. According to analyst firm Sirius Decisions, 70% of content created by marketing is never used by salespeople.

What will replace old style collateral? SMA_eBook_icon

  • Reusable sales and marketing messaging components aligned with buyer needs,
  • Intelligent components will be managed and structured for reuse on any device,
  • Well-formed messaging components will be indexed, tagged and readily accessible via API’s and keyword search,
  • Easily adapted, combined, shared and localized across a global company and partners 

In this eBook we explain and illustrate:

1. How to create and structure component based value messaging aligned with buyer needs,

2. How to adapt content components to create website content, brand messaging, sales-ready messaging and customer-service conversations,

3. How to deliver the right content at the right time to create competitive advantage.

Download the new eBook

messaging alignment ebook

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