Oracle OpenWorld is coming up! We’ll be at booth 68 in the CX Central – Sales Space.  The WittyParrot team will be demoing our Oracle SalesCloud integration and also sharing innovative ideas on how to provide content to Sales teams in a way that takes less of their time and ultimately shortens overall sales cycles.  

WittyParrot’s integration with Oracle Sales Cloud makes sales resources easier to find and use without leaving the CRM. Present the most relevant collateral, guided selling tips, email templates, etc. to your salespeople, automatically filtering by opportunity stage, product line, language, buyer persona, or other qualifier that matters. 


For more information on Oracle OpenWorld CX Central, click here.

Please contact me if you’d like to book a one-on-one demo during the Conference with one of our team.


San Francisco, CA. (PRWEB) April 23, 2014

WittyParrot Founder & CEO Anil Jwalanna participated in a panel discussion and the WittyParrot executive 552-Srii_logoteam exhibited the WittyParrot product at the product showcase at the Service Research & Innovation Institute (SRII) Global Conference in San Jose from 23-25 April 2014 in San Jose.CA.

The SRII Conference was a unique platform for leaders in industry, academia, research and government organizations from around the world to connect and work together to drive research & innovation for “IT enabled services” for major sectors of economy and for a better World.

The context for the 2014 conference was an evolution from a technology intensive service economy to a knowledge intensive economy and the impact on global economic growth, competition and cooperation.

Participating SRII members included senior leaders from industry, academia, government, research organizations from around the world.

CEO Anil Jwalanna is a serial entrepreneur and for more than a decade working in technology companies, observed a common problem in the way knowledge workers, marketers and salespeople managed structured and unstructured content in responding to basic inquiries from prospects and customers.

“The biggest problem in industry today is our outdated document/portal-centric content model. Customers don’t expect to have to wait days for answers from sales and support people while they search for and recreate documents… they expect insight and answers and they expect them now,” said Jwalanna.

“We founded WittyParrot to help knowledge workers and customer-facing professionals to easily find, use and reuse relevant content to communicate consistently and responsively. This content problem is common to both small and large companies as well as individuals.”

The SRII conference was a perfect environment for us to introduce our disruptive content delivery platform.

WittyParrot provides a single repository to find, use and share relevant content, regardless of where it is stored. Instant access to relevant structured and unstructured content is the key to enabling knowledge-intensive industries to evolve beyond document/portal-centric content-use models to improve productivity and speed of response.

About WittyParrot: 
WittyParrot is a platform for creating reusable content components and delivering them via a drag and drop Widget or API to any device or application to improve productivity, message consistency and speed of response.

Content creators love it because they can easily capture, share, manage and reuse content components.

Knowledge workers love it as it provides instant access the latest version of content, while allowing it to be adapted for context or locked reuse or derivative reuse in regulated environments.



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