The Astoria-WittyParrot integration allows multiple departments to reuse corporate Intellectual Property curated by technical documentation without using XML-based tools

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Astoria Software, a division of TransPerfect, today announced the release of its integration with WittyParrot. The combined product allows non-XML content creators in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support departments to reuse corporate intellectual property encoded in XML by the Technical Documentation department. The result is an unprecedented level of content sharing that allows the entire organization to speak with one voice without the burden of using a common set of authoring tools. Astoria Software and WittyParrot will showcase the solution, and a customer deploying it, at the LavaCon Conference in Portland, Oregon.

“The appeal for us is that [the Astoria-WittyParrot solution] allows other departments to use vetted content, content that is accurate for a customer-facing audience, without having the technical skills to author in DITA, and that’s huge for us.”

A Quantum Shift in Structured Authoring

Structured Authoring—most commonly associated with authoring in XML—suffers from restricted adoption for one principal reason: it asks all users who wish to be content creators to also be conversant with the bewildering details of XML elements, attributes, cross-document linkages, document-type descriptions, and so on. Companies seeking to surmount this barrier have chosen one of two approaches. The first is to force everyone to use non-XML tooling, which is easier for creators outside of Technical Documentation to understand, but which also sacrifices well-defined content structures and standard content-reuse mechanisms that make content useful and resilient. The second approach is to refactor all content into a lightweight-markup language such as MarkDown, which makes it easy for subject-matter experts to put ideas, concepts, thoughts, and descriptions into written form. The problem with languages like MarkDown is their inability to enforce either a content structure or an in-context reuse that would otherwise optimize information sharing.

The Astoria-WittyParrot integration takes a better approach. It allows creators in the Technical Documentation department to describe an organization’s intellectual property with all of the purposeful structure, rich metadata, and classification taxonomy found in XML-based authoring. Astoria provides all of the tooling and capability for version control, branching, revision, translation, and distribution. Approved content flows from Astoria to WittyParrot, where its seamless integration with Microsoft Office products allows Marketing and Sales users to consume such content within Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and Outlook. Sales and Customer Support users working in customer-relationship management (CRM) packages such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce have a similar experience. Where organizations employ artificial intelligence to drive automated customer-service agents (i.e., “chat bots”), WittyParrot ingests micro-content managed in Astoria to provide content for its “Intelligent Q&A” module. Intelligent Q&A allows users, including an organization’s customers, to make natural-language requests and receive accurate, approved answers automatically.

The result is a quantum shift in the way the Technical Documentation team disseminates corporate intellectual property across the organization and to its customers. Each team uses the tooling best suited to its method of operation, and the content—be it multi-paragraph topics or sentence-level micro-content—retains all of the relationships, metadata, and taxonomy information encoded by the structured-authoring team.

Making the Quantum Shift

Attendees to the the LavaCon Conference in Portland, Oregon, will be able to speak with representatives of an Astoria Software customer that has incorporated the Astoria-WittyParrot integration. As one such representative describes it, “One of the things we have had to overcome is the challenge of sharing content between departments. The appeal for us is that it allows other departments to use vetted content, content that is accurate for a customer-facing audience, without having the technical skills to author in DITA, and that’s huge for us.” The documentation team at this company has pushed easily shareable tasks, like those you might find in a frequently-asked-questions list, from Astoria to WittyParrot so that Customer Support and Sales Engineering personnel can reuse that content in Microsoft Outlook and Word. In another project, PowerPoint slides for instructor-led learning will reuse DITA content authored and stored in Astoria. According to another representative of the same company, the benefit is tremendous because, “When you update the DITA material in Astoria, it’s automatically updated in PowerPoint!”

The Astoria Software Market Approach

In describing the transformation afforded by the Astoria-WittyParrot integration, Michael Rosinski, President and CEO of Astoria Software, commented, “The CCMS application vertical is dominated by vendors that focus on XML technology and related standards. Astoria Software is proposing an entirely new approach that allows the widely adopted Microsoft Office application to use content originally authored in XML. This means that content developers trained in Microsoft Office—and that’s millions of people in thousands of organizations—will reap the benefits of rich, structured content without having to learn anything about XML.” Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support organizations are usually shut out from reusing the intellectual property described by the Technical Documentation department. Yet personnel in these first three groups spend far more time talking to customers than any technical writer. Mr. Rosinski observed that, “The focus over the last decade on customer-relationship management can now be leveraged with WittyParrot. Sales and Marketing teams building customer-specific content can reuse the highly valuable content in Astoria, thereby increasing the return on investment made in CRM and technical documentation.”

Speaking with One Voice

Organizations of all sizes face too many barriers when trying to find and reuse approved, accurate descriptions of intellectual property. Intranet portals and CRM tools offer some relief when such descriptions are otherwise trapped within documents or scattered across repositories and local drives. However, these systems still require users to sift through search results; and, in large organizations with lots of portals and CRM systems, users cannot be certain that the results are showing approved, accurate content. Anil Jwalanna, Founder and CEO of WittyParrot, explains, “WittyParrot collates the information you want to share with customers into a single knowledge-automation, collaboration, and communication platform.” The WittyParrot solution makes accessing information easy. Through its built-in “bot” engine or with a few clicks in its user-interface, users bypass complex portal navigation to discover, classify, assemble, deliver and track all the content needed to communicate quickly and accurately with customers. As Mr. Jwalanna puts it, “WittyParrot centralizes the approved versions of all your messaging and best-practices communication, enabling your entire organization to speak with one voice.”

About Astoria Software

Astoria Software is the world’s most successful Enterprise solution for XML Component Content Management to help companies engage with their customers. Cisco Systems, Xylem, ITT, Siemens Healthcare, Northrop Grumman, Kohler, GE Digital, and other Forbes Global 2000 organizations rely on the Astoria platform to build meaningful, purposeful customer experiences around complex, business-critical content and documents. The Astoria platform’s reach extends to its web-based portal and to its mobile-device apps, forming an end-to-end solution that includes authoring, content management, and rendering systems, fully integrated and delivered on public or private clouds. Astoria Software, a division of TransPerfect, Inc., is based in San Francisco. For more information, visit

About WittyParrot

WittyParrot is a disruptive, intelligent micro-content automation, collaboration and communication platform for Marketing, Sales, and Support organizations. WittyParrot improves knowledge-worker consistency in communication, productivity and responsiveness by making information nuggets available through bots and widgets. The company’s investments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science enable it to automate both effectiveness and messaging consistency in all knowledge-worker communications. WittyParrot is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365, several CRM platforms and various chat-bot technologies. WittyParrot has offices in Silicon Valley, California and in Bangalore, India. For more information, visit


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WittyParrot will be participating and participating at the HCI Talent Acquisition Innovation Conference in Los Angeles, CA, November 04th and 05th, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.



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WittyParrot will be participating and exhibiting at the Information Development World (IDW) Conference in San Jose, California, September 30th – October 2nd.


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San Francisco, CA. (PRWEB) April 23, 2014

WittyParrot Founder & CEO Anil Jwalanna participated in a panel discussion and the WittyParrot executive 552-Srii_logoteam exhibited the WittyParrot product at the product showcase at the Service Research & Innovation Institute (SRII) Global Conference in San Jose from 23-25 April 2014 in San Jose.CA.

The SRII Conference was a unique platform for leaders in industry, academia, research and government organizations from around the world to connect and work together to drive research & innovation for “IT enabled services” for major sectors of economy and for a better World.

The context for the 2014 conference was an evolution from a technology intensive service economy to a knowledge intensive economy and the impact on global economic growth, competition and cooperation.

Participating SRII members included senior leaders from industry, academia, government, research organizations from around the world.

CEO Anil Jwalanna is a serial entrepreneur and for more than a decade working in technology companies, observed a common problem in the way knowledge workers, marketers and salespeople managed structured and unstructured content in responding to basic inquiries from prospects and customers.

“The biggest problem in industry today is our outdated document/portal-centric content model. Customers don’t expect to have to wait days for answers from sales and support people while they search for and recreate documents… they expect insight and answers and they expect them now,” said Jwalanna.

“We founded WittyParrot to help knowledge workers and customer-facing professionals to easily find, use and reuse relevant content to communicate consistently and responsively. This content problem is common to both small and large companies as well as individuals.”

The SRII conference was a perfect environment for us to introduce our disruptive content delivery platform.

WittyParrot provides a single repository to find, use and share relevant content, regardless of where it is stored. Instant access to relevant structured and unstructured content is the key to enabling knowledge-intensive industries to evolve beyond document/portal-centric content-use models to improve productivity and speed of response.

About WittyParrot: 
WittyParrot is a platform for creating reusable content components and delivering them via a drag and drop Widget or API to any device or application to improve productivity, message consistency and speed of response.

Content creators love it because they can easily capture, share, manage and reuse content components.

Knowledge workers love it as it provides instant access the latest version of content, while allowing it to be adapted for context or locked reuse or derivative reuse in regulated environments.



intelligent content

YourStory Shradha Sharma | April 04, 2014 at 9:00 am 

Founded in 2012 by Anil Jwalanna, Witty Parrot has raised an additional million dollars of Series Seed from Silicon Valley-based angel investors like Som Das.


WittyParrot is a SAAS product.

It’s a platform for creating reusable content components and delivering them via a drag and drop widget or API to any device or application to improve productivity, message consistency and speed of response.

It seems the product’s proposition of helping companies “speak with one voice” has found a resonance with big players and seasoned angel investors alike.

The product has found customers in Fortune 500 players like VMWare, Kaiser and RMS among others.

A team of 35, WittyParrot is headquartered in California with an office in Bangalore. Rajesh Setty is the Co-founder of the venture. “We are going to deploy the seed capital in further deepening the product capabilities by building data science and big data components into the product.

…


San Francisco, CA. (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

Sales Prospecting Tips from the Experts is a new eBook from WittyParrot that includes sales prospecting insights for sales managers, sales professionals and inside sales reps that are immediately useful.

Lead generation is left to salespeople in three out of four companies surveyed in 2013 and on average sales prospecting_image2reps spend a day a week prospecting. (CSO Insights).

Whether a lead is generated through a referral, by marketing or through a warm or cold solicitation, prospecting is a core skill and sales discipline.

Effective prospectors possess skill and technique and a good deal of emotional intelligence. They use repeatable process and keep track of their performance.

Sales Prospecting Tips from the Experts is WittyParrot’s fourth eBook and contains insight and actionable tips from more than 20 industry experts.

Sample articles include; 

  • Thinking About Prospecting is Not the Same As Doing It | Mark Hunter
  • How to Reach Prospects via a Little-Known LinkedIn Introduction Technique | Kurt Shaver
  • 3 Steps to Reframe Prospect’s Thinking | Jeff Michaels
  • Pay Attention to What Prospects are Sharing Online | Danielle Herzberg
  • Prospecting best Practices for Cold Canvassers | Doyle Slayton
  • Using trigger events for prospecting target accounts | Ali Powell

This eBook follows the previous three eBooks namely:
Sales Productivity tips from the Experts, (downloaded more than 1000 times) 
Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams 
Sales and Marketing Alignment eBook

The new ebook will ship in mid April and will be available in .pdf and popular eReader formats.

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“Winner of the 2013 The Top Sales World, Sales Productivity Startup of the Year and Silver Medal winner in the Top Sales Productivity Tool, awarded in December 2013, WittyParrot is emerging as a disruptive force in the sales enablement and intelligent content delivery categories,” stated Jonathan Farrington, CEO of top Sales World.

About WittyParrot

WittyParrot was developed as an outcome of rethinking the way marketers and salespeople create and use information. WittyParrot is an intelligent content delivery platform that has the potential to free up an hour per day for each salesperson, by delivering in-context, sales-ready content to a salesperson’s, desktop, smartphone or tablet.

WittyParrot helps marketers and sales enablement professionals to capture, index, share, customize and reuse high value content including: 

  •     solicitation letters
  •     referral requests
  •     collateral and weblinks
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  •     proposals and presentations
  •     Linkedin announcement responses

Content is a strategic imperative and the life-blood of any organization. Join us for a webinar to explore how content can be used to drive sales productivity, engagement and sales.

WittyParrot Vice President of Marketing, Mark Gibson, is joined by Jim Burns, CEO of Avitage, a 20-year sales and marketing content specialist for a discussion and webinar on 17 April at 10AM PST on reusing content to lower the cost of sales.

Salespeople are drowning in content, yet they cannot find what they want, when they need it. Marketers are cranking out content in silos, but only 10% of it is immediately usable by salespeople and up to 70% of it is never used. (IDC).

Read more……


San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 24, 2014

WittyParrot Founder & CEO Anil Jwalanna and team will preview the new version of the WiityParrot product at the Intelligent Content Conference in San Jose from 26-28 Feb in San Jose.CA.

The Intelligent Content Conference is the number one industry event devoted to helping organizations find better ways to create, manage and deliver content.

The event will equip attendees with the knowledge they need to break down the barriers preventing them from connecting content with those who need it. More than 70 experts will present examples, standards, methods, strategies, and tools needed to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right place and time, on any device.

CEO Anil Jwalanna is a serial entrepreneur and for more than a decade working in technology companies, observed a common problem in the way knowledge workers and salespeople managed content in responding to basic inquiries from prospects and customers.

“Ask a salesperson a question and you get 5 different answers. Salespeople were not able to respond consistently to basic customer inquiries and they took way too long to get back with answers to simple queries…if ever”

“We founded WittyParrot with the goal of helping companies and individuals to ‘speak with one voice.’™ We are deeply interested in solving the problems of communicating consistently and responsively, common to both small and large companies and individuals.”

The Intelligent content conference is a perfect venue for us to introduce our content capture, management and reuse capabilities. We look forward to a great couple of days in San Jose and to a successful conference.

About WittyParrot:
WittyParrot is a platform for creating reusable content components and delivering them via a drag and drop Widget or API to any device or application to improve productivity, message consistency and speed of response.

Content creators love WittyParrot because they can easily capture, share, manage and reuse content components.

Marketers and sales enablement professionals love WittyParrot as it lets salespeople instantly access the latest version of top rated sales and marketing content and adapt it for their context, while preserving the core value message.


The Intelligent Content Conference is a gathering of thought leaders, content creators and technology providers committed to finding better ways to create manage and deliver content. 

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