My friend Rajesh Setty posted an interesting article on LinkedIn over the weekend, entitled “How we reinvented copy-paste”. Based on the response we have seen so far, it seems like there are several latent problems with the age old copy/paste and we have simply learned to live with those problems. As you will see from the article, there is no need to live with those problems. There is a better way.

Rajesh and I had a lively discussion around the way we use information and the conclusion that we reached is that we haven’t come very far in the last 3000 years from the original documents carved on stone tablets. 

Rajesh’s article, prompted by our conversation is about the limitations of our document-bound, copy-paste approach to manipulating information and how it has become “the way we do things”.

Rajesh talks about how we re-imagined the way we use information and how it has elegantly solved a number of problems with our copy-paste approach.

We did not invent content componentization either, but we use componentization in a way that anyone can create, manage, share and reuse content components to improve productivity, speed and consistency in their communication..

If you would like to read the article on LinkedIn you can view it here.


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