WittyParrot Vice President of Marketing, Mark Gibson, is joined by Jim Burns, CEO of Avitage, a 20-year sales and marketing content specialist, for a discussion and webinar on 17 April at 10AM PST on reusing content to lower the cost of sales.

Salespeople are drowning in content, yet they cannot find what they want, when they need it. Marketers are cranking out content in silos, but only 10% of it is immediately usable by salespeople and up to 70% of it is never used (Sirius Decisions)

This webinar will be of interest to sales leaders, business owners, content creators, marketing leaders and sales enablement professionals.

In this webinar we will discuss the big problems created for marketers and sellers as a result of changes in the way buyers engage, consume information and communicate with salespeople.

We will introduce new ideas for marketers in creating reusable content to better serve enterprise content consumers, including salespeople, support and customer service groups, HR and recruiting. We will show how content can be used in context by salespeople to improve productivity and to qualify and close more business.

Jim Burns from Avitage states, “we want webinar participants to understand how to free the “content” from their content, so they can tag what is useful and reuse it wherever and whenever it’s needed”.

Topics covered in the Webinar: 

  •     Why change the way you produce content
  •     What is intelligent content
  •     Strategies for sales and marketing content reuse
  •     How to get started

Webinar: 17 April at 10AM PST. 
The webinar will run for 30 minutes with time at the end for Q&A and will be recorded.

Please follow this link to reserve your space at the Webinar



About Jim Burns 
Jim Burns is founder and CEO of Avitage, a 20 year marketing and sales enablement company in Boston, Massachusetts.

Avitage addresses the problem that content is the key driver of go-to-market success, yet most organizations treat content as a low level tactical expense. They believe organizations that don’t embrace content as a strategic imperative and change their outdated content operations model will realize lower performance at the operational, tactical and strategic business levels.

Avitage customers get more out of content investments: quality, outputs and business outcomes, through the deployment of a leveraged content publishing system.

About WittyParrot 
WittyParrot is an intelligent content delivery platform that helps companies capture & reuse content, deliver it in context and improve productivity.

Marketers and sales enablement professionals love WittyParrot as it lets salespeople instantly access the latest version of sales and marketing content and adapt it for their context, while preserving the value message.

Salespeople love WittyParrot because they can easily capture and reuse personal information, and share their own best solicitation emails and followup letters with colleagues.

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