I was playing Connect 4 with the kids one weekend when the penny dropped!

In case you don’t know, Connect 4 is a game where 2 players slide different colored coins into a rack, the aim being to get four of the same color in a row.

Or column. Or diagonal. Doesn’t matter.  If they’re connected, you win.

And it suddenly struck me…

Sometimes, connecting the right people together can create a greater impact than doing things yourself.

As I near the mid point of my natural life, I realize that the biggest assets built up over four decades are not material.  They are my extensive network of friends and connections across the world.

Some are business doyens.  Others are academic dons.  Few are thought leaders.  One is a celebrity actor, loved by raving fans across continents.  A couple of them help run nations and make policy decisions that touch millions (if not billions) of lives.

And then there are hundreds who do big things in small ways.  Without fame or fanfare.  Quietly, with devotion and dedication.  Yet creating impact that ripples across their sphere of influence steadily.

It’s in my power to create connections with – and within – this network!

Acting on that hunch, I did some things.  The results were dramatic.  It has led to:

  • initiating a project with potential to reach and help hundreds of thousands of heart patients across the country
  • helping a good man get elected to high political position, where he could influence millions
  • introducing a powerful motivational speaker and coach to a fresh audience outside his present circle, where he may transform their lives
  • linking a young, talented musician and singer to a star at the height of his musical career, possibly unleashing unexpected synergies

And all of this happened shortly after I got started.  None of it was about things I could do myself.  Or even play a major role in.

All I did was try to link the right people together!

It’s Connect 4 – but played in real life.

And unlike the board game, this version doesn’t even require four connections.  Sometimes, just two will do.

So, first the insight (that connecting people together might have more impact than even things I’m working on), and then the early experience (four potentially world-changing partnerships), led me on a quest.  I would try and systematically mine my database of contacts to uncover even more of these impact-producing connections.

That’s when I read Rajesh Setty’s article, “How to Scale 1-1 Relationships

One sentence in it revealed an intriguing way to use WittyParrot, a tool that I’d initially pegged as little more than an “improved copy and paste  Of course, more savvy WittyParrot users know of the depth and variety of tasks it could help with.  But most of those are beyond my scope of interest or application.

What I learned from reading Rajesh’s article on Why WittyParrot Reinvented Copy-paste was that instead of having one version of an introductory letter and copy/edit/paste to personalize it, it is one or two orders of magnitude more efficient to build a paragraph summary of each of my close friends once, save it in WittyParrot, index it and to drag and drop them into the email I am sending.

What would have taken 5 -10 minutes now takes 30 seconds. Instead of having to think about each person I wanted to introduce, then edit the introduction and do the same for the friend I wanted to introduce them to, I can now simply key in the names of each person into the Witty Widget, drag the resulting Wits into the email I am sending, type an introductory sentence to establish the reason for the introduction and click send.

Here’s what I’m planning. I’m going to use this functionality – and use it the way Rajesh showed, to foster more connections within my networks.

Maybe you, too, would benefit from one of those introductions – and I’m happy to make them for you.  Just ask.  Write or call, say hello, or add a comment at the bottom of the article and let’s explore any exciting possibilities that suggest themselves!

It strikes me that just this single use case, if scaled across a large group of users, could have dramatic impact… and make WittyParrot best remembered as the tool that let you “drag and drop the world into becoming a better place”

About the Author

Dr.Mani is a writer, heart surgeon and fund raiser, who blogs about living your passionate purpose at Money.Power.Wisdom – http://www.MoneyPowerWisdom.com

You can learn about his non-profit project to help sponsor treatment for under-privileged children with heart birth defects at www.CHDinfo.com

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