I met with my friend Brian last week. Brian runs Worldwide Sales for a Bay Area technology company. Brian shared with me that his recent World tour visiting his field offices could be characterized as “The Complaint Tour.”

“Salespeople who are behind on quota are notorious complainers”, he added, but one complaint that came up in nearly every office from salespeople and key channel partners was, “I can’t find what I need, when I need it – how can I move deals forward?”

Brian is 8 months into the job and the company is doing well, but not as well as the shareholders expect or the revenue plans calls for.

This “I can’t find the right content problem” is despite big investments in content and an updated sales portal, made prior to Brian’s arrival. In Q3 last year they outfitted all direct salespeople with top of the line iPads. He added that many channel resellers had equipped their teams with iPads as well.

It’s crunch time for Brian.

But Where to Look?

The “I can’t find the right content problem” causes knock-on effects, including these symptoms;

  • Perceived lack of responsiveness to prospects, leading to lost sales.
  • Salespeople making stuff up that is wrong, diluting the brand.
  • Weak solicitations and responses from salespeople who are not using best practices, leading to poor engagement.
  • New hires haven’t got time to look for content and thus learn by mistakes, leading to long ramp-times.
  • Under-achievement of individual, team and company potential, undermines investor confidence

The root cause of the “I can’t find the right content problem” is “non-intelligent content” and it exists in 99% of companies today. This is the status-quo. Non-intelligent content is what we have been producing for millennia – documents. Portals came along and we stuffed the documents into portals.

Salespeople are drowning in content, but it’s not in a usable form, trapped in documents, locked-up in portals, or it’s out of date, or inaccessible over the network.

Buyers don’t want documents blasted at them, they can get most of what they need from the Web.

The reason buyers contact salespeople is because they want answers to specific questions in order to make decisions… and they won’t progress with you until they get them.

They need succinct responses that are on-point, with links to high-value content, relevant to them and they need it now.

Deliver Relevant Content Now!

More of the same old stuff isn’t going to cut it; salespeople, marketers and sales enablement teams need a new content model, – they need intelligent content.


Buyers have changed how they consume information; what they expect from salespeople is different than it was just 5 years ago.

Unfortunately, most companies are stuck in a document-centric, portal/file structure sharing model that is obsolete and barrier to success.

Buyers have nearly the same access to information that salespeople have and they don’t want more of the same…they want insight and answers.

Salespeople are under pressure to produce and they want their marketing and sales enablement teams to deliver relevant content now.

Find out how you and our friend Brian can start to deliver intelligent content tomorrow, to improve responsiveness, increase the value of buyer-seller interaction, qualify and close more and lower your cost of sales.


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