Marketing collateral as it existed, is dead!

Corey Sommers advances several reasons for this in his recent article “The Death of Marketing Collateral as we Knew it

Marketing collateral as we knew it, was created in silos by product marketing, sales enablement or customer support professionals in one-off’s or as part of a launch.

Often the result of the feverish efforts of a few bright people rushing to reach a deadline, and once born, it died.

What is going to replace it?

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How many of us in marketing have had the MBO to create three datasheets and two whitepapers in a quarter?  I have and I’ve been working in sales enablement and sales performance for more than 25 years in F100 companies as well as in 3 startups.

We researched and wrote, and wrote and researched, until we had something that was “customer presentable”. 

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Earlier this year my colleagues and I met with a number of Channels Sales VP’s. We believe channel sales to be a major opportunity area for WittyParrot and we were keen to interview leaders as we at sought to understand some of their problems.
The executives interviewed were a mix of B2B hardware and software vendors and are market leaders or are fast becoming leaders and they share remarkably similar problems.

Every channels VP we interviewed had an objective to enable the channel to sell more.  The number one problem in all of our interviews was that the channel is comfortable selling to established demand but unable to open new accounts.

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Much has been written on content marketing and the need to treat content as a strategic asset of your business.

I want to expand on the original idea in Joe Pulizzi’s blog Why Your Enterprise Needs a Content Mission Statement, because it only mentions marketers. As a sales person and a marketer, I have a problem with the invisible line that separates sales and marketing content – it’s not visible because it exists in people’s heads as a result of their silo’ed upbringing in either sales or marketing.
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