Marketing collateral as it existed, is dead!

Corey Sommers advances several reasons for this in his recent article “The Death of Marketing Collateral as we Knew it

Marketing collateral as we knew it, was created in silos by product marketing, sales enablement or customer support professionals in one-off’s or as part of a launch.

Often the result of the feverish efforts of a few bright people rushing to reach a deadline, and once born, it died.

What is going to replace it?

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Ann Rockley in her book, Managing Enterprise Content suggests that, “Organizations fail to understand that content is their product. Without content, their product or service does not exist”.

Ann suggests that organizations need a unified content strategy that brings together the planning and design of all customer-facing content to ensure a seamless customer experience from first contact through purchase, usage and support. 

Enter the Era of Componentized Messaging

To manage enterprise content we firstly need to create componentized content with the following characteristics: 

  • Structuring of well formed messaging components in an architecture or hierarchy,
  • Tagged, indexed and readily reusable messaging content components,
  • Designed for rapid adaption, combination and reuse in unlimited number of information products,
  • Easily shared and localized across a global company and to channels partners,
  • Protected from modification in controlled environments,
  • Managed and delivered in a Component Content Management System
  • Instantly available in a useful form on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Latent Demand Exists for Componentized Messaging

Marketing, sales, customer support and human resources have all been slow to adapt to the information needs of prospects and competent customers who are capable of – and indeed prefer to help themselves.

Do prospects really want a call from a salesperson? I suggest no, not unless they absolutely have to – and then only to clarify or differentiate between choices or configurations or to negotiate a discount.

Do customers really want to get on a help-line and wait for customer support to resolve an issue that they would like to fix right now? 

When they do engage, can the CSR or sales rep find the right information or provide insight in the moment to satisfy the specific buyer or customer problem?

Inquiring buyers and self service cstomers, as well as sales and support professionals need instant access to messaging components that are contextually relevant for use in the moment. 

But in most organizations this form of messaging does not yet exist, it has to be created.

Structuring Componentized Content for Reuse

The enterprise content creation challenge lies in creating componentized messaging that connects value creation to buyer needs and is maintained and updated over time so that the current version is always avaialble for reuse.

In our new eBook, I describe the use of Messaging Architecture to create value messaging content components for reuse in sales, marketing and brand messaging.


But it does not stop there, once in place every department that needs to create content can readily access and reuse the value messaging architecture.

In this way we can amplify brand value and create consistent communication as we set out on our unified conent journey.

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