Why Kill Your Marketing Collateral?

Marketing Collateral is a relic from the pre-Internet era. It was printed on glossies at anything from 2-10 pages.

  • It’s not easily consumable on tablets and mobile phones where most email gets read.
  • It’s written in product management jargon and “ground-breaking” gobbledygook.
  • It’s not laser-focused on the customer’s critical business issues and requirements.
  • It’s typically product-centric and uses a “kitchen-sink” feature and benefits approach so buyers don’t miss anything.



Brochures cannot sell.

Sending them is a waste of time and will not help salespeople engage in conversations.

Sales Portal Bloat

What’s worse, these marketing “assets” get stuffed into bloated corporate and sales portals where they become stale the moment they are published. Forcing salespeople to waste valuable time accessing it.

Salespeople and channel partners use keyword searches to try to find the right information for their customers, and get back a list of 20 documents, which they then have to download and wade through to find what they need, cut -paste and then repurpose.

A better way is to boil down these overblown fluff pieces to their essence

– hard-hitting “knowledge nuggets” or information components – that get right to the point, and that are targeted directly at customer needs and pain points? 

Re-purpose and Reuse Information Components to improve sales productivity.

Information components can be repurposed in any number of sales information products; from outbound solicitations, to follow-up letters to respond quickly to sales inquiries, proposal responses to RFIs and RFPs.

Salespeople and channel partners no longer need to negotiate the network and wade through portals and other repositories that contain monolithic documents that they then need to cut and paste from.

New Call-to-Action

What if salespeople could keyword search for product, solution, value messaging or buyer persona information components and cherry pick content they need in the exact context of the buyer’s interest and then simply drag-and-drop from their desktop into any application to use it?

What if that content was succinctly structured so it could be consumed on any device?

And what if Marketing could actually measure every time who used one of these knowledge nuggets, and in which situations so they could present the most effective content based on actual usage.|

They could then understand customer business requirement trends and market intelligence in a way that is impossible today by tracking a simple document download from some sales portal.

Bottom line

Componentized sales-ready information that is available at the salesperson’s finger-tips enables responsive engagement and eliminates the lost time salespeople spend searching for and modifying documents.

An extra hour a day of selling time will improve sales productivity more effectively than almost any other sales enablement initiative.

About Corey Sommers

Corey heads the Business Development team at WittyParrot as the VP – Business Development. 

Corey leads the channel and partner strategy and brings more than 25 years experience in sales and channel enablement leadership positions, competitive intelligence and as an entrepreneur.

Corey is the co-founder of WhiteboardSelling, a visual storytelling company and trained over 50,000 sales professionals globally before being acquired by Corporate Visions in 2012. He holds a BA from the University of California, Berkeley.

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