In late December last year, we decided to enter the HubSpot 30 day blogging challenge which commenced on January 2nd.  

Creating quality articles every day is a serious undertaking.

That commitment caused a number of positive knock-on effects and in the process, we created a ton of great articles with at least one submission from each member of the executive and marketing team.

We created our first cartoon and this too was well received as part of a guest article with Ardath Ablee on creating Buyer Personas.


Our co-founder Rajesh Setty commenced an Alphabet series of articles that encapsulate wisdom and stimulating ideas around human behavior with direct application in sales and marketing. 

His article yesterday, S is for Storytelling has already become our most-read blog in 2014.

In case you missed them, I wanted to share a few links with you from a selection of articles that either are very popular or provide insight from one of our executive team members. 

30 Lessons from the 30 day HubSpot Blogging Challenge

Whittle Down and Tune in is a great article from guest blogger Dr. Mani that runs counter to conventional wisdom; that is smaller is better when it comes to social networks.

Corey Sommers contributed this brilliant piece entitled, The Death of Marketing Collateral as we Knew it

Five Tips for Improving Sales Productivity is our most read article

Is Sales Enablement Tactical or Strategic is from Corey Sommers, who is an acknowledged expert on the subject.

Our CEO Anil Jwalanna has Five tips for Structuring Content for Reuse.

Rich Novak raises a topical question Could your VP Human Resources be Head of Sales

Customer Service Needs to be Responsive – Not Delightful is contributed by Subashini Iyer on our Indian Marketing team.

In case you have not read it, our new Sales and Marketing Alignment eBook on creating componentized messaging content and structuring it for sharing and reuse is topical as marketers look beyond the traditional document-based form of collateral to creating reusable content components.

We hope you find the articles of interest and as always we welcome your feedback. 

If you are interested in guest blogging or sharing your unique perspective on our blog, please reply to me.


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