Lots happening here at WittyParrot and a frantic start to 2014.

Everyone I speak to in business is working 14-16 hours a day and it’s non-stop. It seems that our already hard working society has gone into over-drive… this can’t be healthy… but is should serve to boost our economy.

Please read on and see how to save 10 hours or more week. There is a better way.

Last weekend a WittyParrot website visitor hit one of our landing pages to download an ebook at 10PM on Saturday evening. I replied thanking them for downloading it in a personalized follow-up. They replied within a few minutes, expressing strong interest in a custom demonstration of our product. So it’s not just technology supplier sales and marketing people that are working all-hours… buyers in industry are as well.

It seems that with so many hours invested in our jobs, that we should be looking for ways to get more done in less time; so we can spend time away from work, with our families, outdoors, exercising and having fun, or even going to the pub with mates. My British friends will raise a cheer to this one. 

This newsletter is all about productivity improvement and how rethinking age-old paradigms is yielding new and exciting ways to get things done and become more competitive. Enjoy.

Three Interesting Articles

How we Reinvented Copy-Paste?

My friend Rajesh Setty posted an interesting article on LinkedIn over the weekend, entitled “How we reinvented copy-paste”.

Based on the response we have seen so far, it seems like there are several latent problems with the age-old copy/paste and we have simply learned to live with those problems. As you will see from the article, there is no need to live with those problems. Read the article on LinkedIn

Get me a Hammer and Chisel, I need to Copy a Stone Tablet

We live in a document-based, cut-and-paste world, but it has profound limitations when it comes to effective messaging in the sales and marketing world.

The Internet permanently changed the way people communicate, buy goods and services and consume information. But the vast majority of people create content in fixed documents that might as well be stone tablets. A black-swan in the form of componentized content is set to disrupt out ancient document-based paradigm. Read this article published on SandHill.com

How I save 10 hours per week using WittyParrot

WittyParrot co-founder Rajesh Setty has been using WittyParrot since the first alpha release. As we get ready to announce our 2.0 release, Rajesh discusses how he uses WittyParrot to save around 10 hours every week.

Read the article

In the Press

WittyParrot CEO Anil Jwalanna Interview.

Anil is interviewed by Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools on the Smart Selling tools Blog. Anil responds to questions on what he sees as the biggest challenges and most significant trends for 2014 and what he’s most excited about. Read the article

New Publications

Expert Prospecting Tips – a new eBook

Following on from the highly acclaimed Sales Productivity Tips from the Experts, that has been downloaded more than 1000 times, WittyParrot is pleased to announce our 4theBook project, “Expert Prospecting Tips” is now in production and will be available in mid-April. Expert Prospecting Tips – reserve yours

Upcoming Events

How Content Impacts Sales – Webinar 

How your Content Can Drive Sales, but might be Draining your Business.

Content. Salespeople are drowning in it, but they can’t find what they want, when they need it.Marketers are cranking the stuff out in silos, but only 10% of it is immediately usable by salespeople and up to 70% of it is never used. (Sirius Decisions)


Intelligent Content is not rocket science and it doesn’t require a huge up-front investment.

You can start creating it and reusing the best of what you already already have tomorrow, to save time, communicate more effectively and lower the cost of sales.

You might think differently about the way you produce content after attending this webinar.

Intelligent Content Webinar – reserve your place

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