My friend Rajesh Setty posted an interesting article on LinkedIn over the weekend, entitled “How we reinvented copy-paste”. Based on the response we have seen so far, it seems like there are several latent problems with the age old copy/paste and we have simply learned to live with those problems. As you will see from the article, there is no need to live with those problems. There is a better way.

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Marketing collateral as it existed, is dead!

Corey Sommers advances several reasons for this in his recent article “The Death of Marketing Collateral as we Knew it

Marketing collateral as we knew it, was created in silos by product marketing, sales enablement or customer support professionals in one-off’s or as part of a launch.

Often the result of the feverish efforts of a few bright people rushing to reach a deadline, and once born, it died.

What is going to replace it?

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