WittyParrot is delighted and proud to announce that it’s AI & ML Powered Knowledge Automation Platform has bagged the Smart Innovator Award 2019 at Enterprise Innovation Summit 2019 held at Bengaluru recently.

WittyParrot CTO, Girish Karachiwala, proudly picked up the award on behalf of  Team WittyParrot.

Smart Innovator Girish Karachiwala


A positive brand image is must be maintained to do a digital business and for its engagement with your customer on all platforms plays a vital role. Many of the customers who shop for their brands online face some issues while buying the product. To address and be precise with the best loaf of information, Chat support plays a key role. Many companies are working on the Chat support platform to have satisfied customers. A customer is always pleased when he or she gets the quick response and the valid information from the seller. Because many users buy to meet their needs and want which requires proper communication with the seller.

Every customer wants his problems to be addressed immediately in a transparent way. To be quick and effective many companies have come out with Chat support feature which is quick in response compared to phone support. Chat support provides highest customer satisfaction with 71% as compared to phone support which is 44% and email support which is 61% according to the survey.

 6 Reasons why Chat support is important to your brand’s success.

  1. Convenience is a key feature:

Chat support provides customer quick access to their problems. No need to wait for a phone support and he need not be navigated by pressing numbers to reach the calls. That’s why customer prefer Chat support over other channels. Interaction with customer and seller is immediate through online chat. You can share screen-shots and product specification online through Chat platform. It shows that you value your customers time.

  1. Get Trusted:

Every customer has his own choices and preferences for buying a branded product, which can stay for a long if his buying experience was extremely good. Branding can only be increased when you understand customers’ expectation towards your brands. That’s how customer trusts your brand. If you support him right from beginning his user journey will be smooth.

  1. Increase in sales:

Chat support is an effective marketing solution for increasing your sales when you have the online store, which makes higher conversion rates. According to the survey conducted by American Marketing Association in 2016 customer who interacts with Chat support are 3x more likely to purchase. A customer can do multitasking while waiting for Chat support response compared to phone support which captures his mind and making him irrational towards the support.

  1. Minimise the expenditure:

Chat support is cheaper than phone support. Chat support minimises the expense of phone calls of both customer and seller. Agents can only talk to one person at a time, but Chat support agents can handle multiple requests at a time. You can push promotional material which helps customer read the product or service in detail. The customer will get in-depth information about your product and service.

  1. Realise the pain point:

An immediate access to Chat support can reduce customer pain point. Engaging with your potential customer over Chat support will help to identify and understand their issues in depth. This can improve your product and service also. With this customer conversation, you can make great training tool also for your future use.

  1. Engagement is more personal:

It facilitates the more personalized experience with the customer. It’s like texting with friends which feels less scripted than automated phone calls. With the transparency in communication, the agent can assist in a better way the customer and in real time.

Chat supports have evaded to Chat BOTS now, but what makes it different is its curated content in the backend. If the content shared is outdated the customer feels disguised. To make a disciplined approach in the customer support the content shared should be same across all the channels and I believe WittyParrot with its microcontent management and cognitive search capability you can address many customers in one time.