Are you having trouble leveraging social media accounts of all you colleagues in a controlled manner? With WittyParrot, you don’t have to. WittyParrot allows you to schedule consistent and impeccable campaigns effortlessly to all the social media accounts on behalf of your employees. It enables you to delegate posts and handle social media accounts regularly. Professionals in any field needn’t rely on tedious texts, word documents and emails anymore to convey a message. With this feature, not only do you get your employees acquainted with what you do, but you can also stay engaged with your audience. Scheduling your campaigns with WittyParrot will help to expand your reach in a short time frame.

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The context of content marketing has changed over the decade. Though text is important, visual content shows an emerging paradigm for a successful social media plan. As 90% of information that enters the human brain is non-verbal, visual content should be considered as a powerful tool today. Considering the overwhelming impact, a company can utilize visuals to grab the attention of their target audience and market its products all across the globe at ease.

Jeff Bullas is a social media marketing blogger, strategist & speaker. He is one of Forbes Top 10 social media influencers and he has been featured on WittyParrot’s 100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter. He helps companies and individuals flourish by optimizing their social channels and other technologies.  As @jeffbullas is an excellent social media influencer and a guide, WittyParrot recommends all marketers to follow him on Twitter to gain valuable knowledge about social media.

Sales teams in any company can appreciate the ability to quickly access contextual snippets of content, as opposed to documents, in order to assemble them quickly via drag & drop from a Widget into any type of media: an email that is being crafted to a prospect, or a formal document that is being created for a proposal. This approach improves productivity, message consistency, and speed of response.WittyParrot-all-apps-screenshot-640x525

WittyParrot Tracks Down the Right Content at the Right Moment – this article published on Tech Cocktail on 12/15/14