The word “transparency” may seem like the latest in a long line of flashy corporate buzzwords. And while some of these catchwords indeed seem to exist purely for the purpose of driving you crazy with their ubiquity, this one in particular has great meaning for your recruiting efforts and organization at large.

Let’s take a closer look at why transparency matters, and what you can do to transform this buzzword into an integral part of your corporate culture.

Ignorance is Not Bliss

Gone are the days of the top-down, hierarchical, “need to know” workplace. A growing body of research demonstrates that informed employees are engaged employees, engaged employees are happy employees, and happy employees stick around.

Keeping employees in the dark not only inhibits trust, but also promotes a sense of disconnect that leads to all things bad, from decreased productivity to increased attrition. The best place to start countering these troubling trends? During the hiring process.

What All Candidates Should Know

Wondering what your employees want to know in the ideal world? The short answer is: everything. Of course, in the real world this isn’t possible. So let’s start with the bare minimum. Regardless of level or position, all employees should have working knowledge of your company. This means understanding everything from your company history, basic products and services, and management structure to your core values, mission, and competitive differentiators.

But it’s not simply enough for employees to know what your company does. They must also have a fundamental understanding of how their role specifically factors into the equation. Not only does this openness breed loyalty, but it also imbues in employees an essential sense of accountability.

In addition to being conveyed during recruitment, these aspects should be reinforced during an organized and intensive onboarding process.

But it doesn’t end there. The commitment to clear communication should continue into the everyday workplace. Weekly meetings, open forums for information exchange, and proactive use of social media all contribute to a truly transparent environment.

A Word on Compensation

Perhaps the final frontier of corporate concealment, even the days of salary secrecy are coming to an end thanks to websites like Glassdoor and SalaryExpert — not to mention the pending Paycheck Fairness Act — which make compensation among co-workers an open book. The takeaway for today’s HR professionals? A credible response to how salaries are determined is an essential part of satisfying both prospective and current employees.

In an age where job-hopping is the status quo and in which “buy-in” is an increasingly momentous motivator, prioritizing institutional knowledge and putting it within reach of your employees is a proven way to realize results. In other words, transparency is not just an impressive word to throw around the boardroom, but an imperative strategy for ongoing organizational success.

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