Your employees are your best assets in many ways. However, many organizations overlook one critical way current employees can help take the businesses they work for to the next level: as recruiters

Let’s take a closer look at three reasons why your employees are your best advocates when it comes to identifying and recruiting the brightest talent.

1. Trust Matters

We’re all aware that trust is earned. Unfortunately, trust may be hard to come by for recruiters. Why? Because many of today’s savvy job hunters are inherently wary of recruiters and their motivations. In fact, when a potential employee is contacted by a recruiter, there’s an automatic element of slight distrust. After all, can a potential employee ever really know whether a recruiter has his/her best interests at heart?.

Conversely, the work is already done when it comes to current employees who recruit within their social networks. Both sides are mutually vetted, and a level of trust has been established and cultivated. In bypassing the trust-building portion of recruitment, you not only accelerate the process, but also boost a sense of teamwork and employee engagement — both for current employees as well as future ones.

2. Like-to-Like

The expression “birds of a feather flock together,” applies to many aspects of human nature, including the workplace. If your office is staffed by bright, resourceful, talented, and hard-working employees, more likely than not these traits are also common to the people in their social networks.

Factor in that the average number of Facebook users have 338 friends while the average LinkedIn user has 394 connections and the pool of candidates likely to be a good cultural fit for your organization multiplies exponentially… if you are able to leverage these friends and connections into potential employees, that is.

Watch the video to know how easily you can reach out to potential candidates

3. Speed and Staying Power

According to research from Jobvite, while only 7 percent of applicants currently arrive via employee referrals, they account for a whopping 40 percent of all hires. Not only that, but the time from referral to hire is significantly faster for employee referrals than for candidates sourced from job board and career sites: 29 days compared to 55 and 39, respectively.

And there’s even more. Referral hires are also linked with job longevity. Nearly half of employee-referred hires stay for more than three years compared to just 14 percent of job board hires. If you’re looking to trim both recruiting and training costs, employee referrals are the way to go.

So, what are you waiting for?

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