Imagine you are a recruiter trying to fill the pipeline with strong candidates for the hundreds of open positions your hiring managers are trying to fill.  Now imagine your ONLY daily task is composing the right email or LinkedIn communication to get the interest of qualified candidates.  Your boss was kind enough to hire someone else to handle inbound requests, build job descriptions, track candidate response, confirm interviews, and do the 100 other things talent acquisition professionals keep busy with on a daily basis.

So what would this perfect communication look like?  When we asked our talent acquisition customers to describe it, the number one response was, “personalized”.  Only the most personalized and customized communications get responded to, unlike the typical 2-3 line, generic emails that simply describe the position and change out the first name of the candidate.  According to our customers, these types of communications get a 5-10x higher response rate than short, generic emails.

What are the elements of personalization?  Most typically, it entails crafting a communication that highlights specific elements of a candidate’s background, and that clearly articulates why you think the individual would make a good fit for the specific role you are trying to fill.  Everyone is proud of the past work they have done, so when you specifically reference this experience – and then explain why it is relevant in the context of the open position – you are greatly increasing the chances that the candidate will read (and respond to) your communication.

But let’s face it; putting together a 100-200-word email of this nature takes time – LOTS of time – which the typical recruiter or candidate development rep simply doesn’t have in their busy, interrupt-driven day.  But what if where were a way for this process to be highly automated, so that in just 20 or 30 minutes you could send out more than a dozen highly personalized communications to prospective candidates?  Multiply that by 20 working days in a month and you are talking about a significant increase in the pipeline of qualified candidates, especially when you factor in the 5-10x higher response rate.

WittyParrot is being used by Talent Acquisition teams in a variety of companies to streamline this approach, along with a number of other critical talent acquisition functions.  Check out this short, 3-minute video on how we can increase your response rate, not to mention ensure brand consistency and high productivity.

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