The typical job description for a recruiter includes evaluating candidates, building applicant sources, arranging interviews, managing employee relocations, and many other tasks and responsibilities.

While “marketing experience” may not make the list of required duties, skills and qualifications, the ability to sell is an unwritten “must have” when it comes to recruiting. Read on to learn more about why marketing skills matter now more than ever — not just for marketers, but for human resources professionals, as well.

What Are You Selling?

The competition for the best and brightest talent is not simply a matter of identifying exceptional candidates, but also a matter of attracting them to your company over the field of competitors. The key? Defining your HR strategies within the context of your comprehensive brand building strategies.

Today’s job seekers — particularly the sought after Millennial generation — are looking for more than just high salaries. Proactive recruiters don’t just present job opportunities; instead, they create an engaging story, a rich candidate “experience,” and an irresistible mission. In short: if you want to engage potential employees, treat them like customers.

Who Are Your Target “Customers” and How Do You Reach Them?

Recruiters have access to unprecedented information about potential candidates, as well as more channels through which to communicate with them. But while the potential to reach job seekers is more powerful than ever thanks to social media, mistaking quantity for quality is a misstep.

A one-size-fits-all approach may generate massive responses, but how many of them are relevant to the specifics of a job description and/or your company culture?A targeted approach not only trims time and effort, but also increases the chances that your search will produce meaningful results.

Just as marketers create social media strategies to appeal to certain demographics, so must recruiters use social media to narrow their own searches.

Success with social media recruitment, however, relies on delivering a clear, consistent message. Why? Because 62 percent of job applicants check out prospective companies via social media to determine brand authenticity.

Made the Hire? You’re Not Done Yet…

Analytics about consumer experiences help marketers leverage information into actionable insights.

Recruiters have the same opportunities, but only if they follow through. Research shows that while candidates rely on the comprehensive recruitment experience when making the decision to accept or decline a job offer, a mere 15 percent of them feel that companies are responsive during the full hiring cycle.

Recruiters should use the same parameters when evaluating the success or failure of their searches. Soliciting feedback from both non-hires and new hires can help recruiters improve their methods…and the messages they convey.

While recruiters may not think of themselves as marketers, the fact is that the two share a common agenda: selling a “product” to today’s exceptionally educated and demanding “consumers.”

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