When it comes to business buzzwords, the phrase “candidate experience,” is oft-heard around HR circles. And it’s true: the candidate experience matters more than ever. Why? Because we are now unequivocally aware that if you’re looking to boost your brand and your bottom line, delivering a thoughtful and fulfilling candidate experience is part of the deal. 

The Talent Board, a non-profit organization dedicated to aggregating the candidate experience into recruiting innovation, recently released the results of its fourth annual “Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards” survey.

Let’s highlight some key emerging trends based on these findings.

1. First Impressions Matter

Just under half of all candidates are exposed to your brand for the very first time during the application process. In other words, now is the time to make a winning impression. Don’t assume that candidates know about your company and culture simply because you have a website and social media presence. In 47.7 percent of the cases, they actually have no idea who you are. 

Of course, every interaction matters after the first impression. But, if you made a mediocre first impression, you have lost the battle before it even begins.

2. The Value of Values

Title. Benefits. Job satisfaction. Compensation. All of these things matter when it comes to attracting potential employees to your organization. However, a whopping 41.4 percent of candidates agree that a core marketing material stands at the forefront of their decision-making process when it comes time to applying for a job: company values. If yours aren’t clearly defined, how can you expect to woo top talent to your organization?

3. Missed Opportunities Abound

More than 75 percent of candidates revealed that employers never followed up with them after the job application process. In other words, less than 25 percent of organizations have the tools to truly understand how they measure up when it comes to their recruiting processes and ability to deliver rewarding and positive candidate experiences. If you’re looking to improve — and why wouldn’t you be? — seeking feedback from candidates is a crucial part of the equation.

4. And Despite All This…. You May Be Doing Better Than You Think

Nearly 70 percent of applicants reveal that they’d be inclined to apply to an organization again in the future. In other words, despite the lack of follow-up, many employers actually make the grade when it comes to providing a decent candidate experience. However, the bar will continue to rise. After all, today’s candidates have the same expectations as contemporary consumers: transparent, personal, and responsive experiences.

Gone are the days when recruiters could view applicants as mere widgets on the human resources supply chain. Why? Because candidates have bigger voices than ever before. Truly understanding what constitutes a great candidate experience and delivering on it — even as it continues to evolve — is the key to positioning your organization for ongoing recruiting success.

When we architected WittyParrot to serve the needs of recruiters, improving the candidate experience from the “first touch to their first day at work.” We made it easy for recruiters to start the conversation on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Weibo, WeChat or even Instagram) and progressing the same via email seamlessly. So, it was a win-win on both ends: Increased productivity for recruiters, improved experience for candidates.

To know more about how Witty Parrot can help HR professionals and recruiters stay on message and consistently deliver a vibrant, compelling candidate and employee experience watch the video below.

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