In today’s fast-moving, intensely social world, recruiters wear many hats. And while they’ve also played a connecting role in terms of linking candidates with jobs, the brave new world of talent acquisition mandates a different approach. Today’s recruiters must venture beyond the conventional boundaries of recruiting and into until-now unprecedented territory: marketing. Markruiters? Recruiteers? We may not have a catchy name for them yet, but they’re clearly the future of talent acquisition.


From Matchmakers to Mind Readers

Matchmaking has always fallen into the domain of recruiters: finding the best talent for a particular position in order to move the organizations they represent in the desired direction. The digital age, however, has raised the stakes. Instead of simply casting a net and hoping to haul in something good, recruiters are now tasked with identifying the precise bait which will make not only the job, but also the entire organization more attractive than the hundreds of other hooks dangling in the competitive waters of the job pool.

This means one thing above all else: putting the candidate first. Successful recruiting involves far more than aggressively churning out job listings and getting the word out, it also means understanding not only what job seekers are looking for, but also what will motivate them to take action. In this sense, recruiters who think of candidates like consumers have the right mindset. (Passive job seekers, in this scenario, become window shoppers in search of something so appealing they’ll step off the sidewalk and through the door.)

It’s All About the Brand

Modern-day job seekers — particularly the visionary Millennial set — aren’t interested in mere jobs. Rather, they’re interested in purpose. Wondering why Millennials matter so much anyway? It’s simple: there’s a lot of them out there. In fact, the Millennial generation recently overtook Generation X to claim the largest share of the U.S. workforce, according to the Pew Research Center. And they have some pretty strong feelings about job hunting, working, and work-life balance.

As an initial human point of contact for a brand, recruiters have become ambassadors on the frontlines of the talent recruitment process. Their task? To determine how their corporate brands can be interwoven throughout the recruiting process to deliver a consistent, reliable and trustworthy presentation which speaks to the Millennial mind. In addition to requiring an understanding of the candidate/consumer, this also requires an understanding of how the brand is currently perceived.

While recruiters of the past may have been able to simply kick back and coast on a compelling job description, doing so falls far short of what it takes to reach the best and brightest talent in the contemporary competitive employer market.

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