Post excerpt: The productivity of your recruiters can make or break your organization. Help them bring their A-game with these three tips.

The quality of your candidate pool is directly impacted by the performance of your recruiters. Don’t miss these three simple ways to optimize productivity and overall hiring outcomes within your organization.

1. Prioritize Prioritization

Time management is an essential skill for recruiters. For best results, recruiters must be trained in the discipline of managing their time to achieve milestones with speed and accuracy. Failure to execute even small steps along the way can result in exponential failure.

Project planning is also a fundamental. Each job opening requires a set of strategies and tasks. Plans should encompass everything from sales and recruiting calls to researching prospective clients. A look at a recruiter’s daily, weekly and monthly plans can offer valuable insights into their performance.

2. Metrics Matter

We have a breadth and depth of data at our fingertips. These can be used to ignite productivity. After all, wouldn’t you be more inclined to meet basic goals and tasks if you knew you were being tracked in real-time by your superiors?

Data can also help recruiters better understand their target audience. Failure to do so can result in delivering the wrong message to the right audience or the right message via the wrong channels. Millennials, for example, constitute a new generation of highly sought after job seekers. Transforming data about this demographic into actionable insights can help recruiters design and implement the most effective strategies for engaging them.

And where does data live? The database. By encouraging recruiters to learn and use the full functionality of the database, you’ll reap better hires and a richer pipeline.

Metrics can also help recruiters understand their database and talent pool as it fluctuates in order to identify areas of weakness and strength.

3. Offer Resources

Data analysis can help you identify flaws within your recruiting processes, but these in themselves are meaningless. Rather than simply pointing out areas in need of improvement, guide recruiters to better results by setting goals and offering targeted solutions. From webinars to conferences, a multitude of resources are available to promote improvement. Even the best recruiters have room to improve if they’re given the resources to do so.

Ultimately, your organization is only as strong as its talent. As recruiters maneuver to hire the right people, these three techniques can help you guide them toward enhanced performance.

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