Branding, branding, branding. By now this may have something of the ring of Jan Brady’s infamous whine, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.” However, while the temptation may arise to write off the brand buzz as the latest ephemeral catchphrase, here’s the cold, hard truth: the importance of branding is not only here to stay, but will take on even greater meaning in talent acquisition as we wrap up 2015 and move into 2016.

Let’s count down four reasons why branding matters in the world of contemporary talent acquisition.


1. Reach Top Talent

Reaching the best and brightest talent claims the top spot on the to-do list of every recruiter everywhere. As the economy picks up and with it competition between employers for top candidates, a strong brand can be the key differentiator. From cultivating a vibrant social media presence to establishing an accessible, mobile-friendly job portal, recruiters who keep their focus on the brand will automatically raise their profile with top candidates.

2. Hone Your Talent Pool

Establishing a strong brand and making it a consistent part of your recruitment efforts not only helps you reach the candidates you do want, but also helps the candidates you don’t want naturally fall off, if your mission or brand does not align with their own objectives. The candidate vetting process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive; a branding effort that promotes self-selection is simple and yet incredibly effective.

3. Your Reputation is Everything

The social media ecosystem makes it harder than ever for companies to rebound from missteps and mistakes. Paying careful attention to your brand across all channels can help establish your business as authentic — important not only for your current recruiting efforts, but also for tomorrow’s. People talk, and social media has a long memory. Don’t give potential candidates or clients a reason to walk away because of brand inconsistencies. Instead, give them a reason to buy in.

4. Engage Employees Better

A recruiter’s job may technically end when the papers are signed, but the impact of a recruiter can and should linger long beyond the employee’s first days and throughout their employment. A well-communicated brand helps employees get on board more quickly in order to immediately begin making the most productive contribution. Happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees are happy employees. It’s a win-win cycle, and one for which the foundation is set during the recruitment process with plentiful payoffs in terms of retention.

While “brand” may seem like one of those here-today-gone-tomorrow “words of the day,” the concept is anything but a passing fad. Recruiters who keep the bolstering of their brand as the cornerstone of their comprehensive efforts stand to reap the rewards while helping the organizations they represent do the same.

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