In the beginning, ‘classifieds’ were the one and only way to connect employers with job hunters. Changing technology has since brought with it everything from advanced applicant tracking systems to job boards. Then came another game-changer: social media.

In short: the landscape of human resources and recruiting is vastly different than the one we knew 50, 20 or even 5 years ago. So how can recruiters stay relevant in such a dynamic environment? It’s possible, but requires both perseverance and creativity.

Let’s take a look at five ways to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Embrace Technology

Today’s job market moves more quickly than ever. In order to keep up with this fast-moving pace, recruiters must learn to harness the power of technology as it arises, including everything from social media sourcing to screening software to remote live video interviewing. There’s even software under development designed to match the “perfect” applicant with the “perfect” job!

While on the surface, these developments may seem to threaten recruiters with obsolescence, those who leverage this technology to their advantage will survive and thrive.

2. Make Your Presence Known

Recruiters don’t just fill vacancies; they also serve as brand representatives. In addition to being a candidate source, social networks also offer the chance to establish connections and build your brand.

While sites like Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to post jobs, they also allow you to interact with candidates, announce news, and share valuable content. Each of these contact points is an opportunity for recruiters to enhance their brand story. Social media is also an opportunity to separate yourself from the competition.

Because today’s candidates gather information from such a disparate range of sources, it’s harder than ever for companies to manage their brand internally. Recruiters can use their reach — both directly and indirectly — to raise the profile of the organization they represent.

3. Create a Candidate Experience

Recruiting today may be more multifaceted than in the past, but the overriding imperative remains the same: at the end of the day, it’s a selling game.

Enter the candidate experience.

21st century candidates have a clear understanding of what they want, with transparency, clarity, and consistency topping the list. Communication at every potential touchpoint is key. Now consider this dismal statistic from The Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Awards: more than three-quarters of candidates report that they’ve never been asked about their job application experience by an employer. Factor in that 61 percent of job applicants say they’d actively encourage colleagues to apply to an organization following a positive experience and 27 percent say they would actively discourage colleagues from applying following a poor experience, the takeaway for results-minded recruiters is clear.

4. Understand the Candidate

While knowing what you’re selling is important, it’s the corollary to another critical question: to whom are you selling? Ultimately, delivering a good candidate experience relies on understanding what the candidate wants in order to craft a compelling recruiting message. Successful recruiters use data and market research to derive actionable insights into reaching both active candidates and those who aren’t necessarily looking but find your recruiting message irresistible.

5. Focus on the Big Picture 

The long memory of today’s job market necessitates that recruiters also adopt a “big picture” perspective. This means everything from recruiting for future openings as well as current ones to acknowledging untapped potential from new areas. After all, a candidate who’s not right for a current position may be perfect for something a year from now, while a candidate who on paper may not have a specific sought-after skill set may have the ability to learn on the job while offering something new to your organization. In short, while filling openings is an important part of a recruiter’s job, the most relevant and resourceful recruiters will also maintain a long-term viewpoint.

Like it or not, the world of human resources and recruiting is ever-evolving. Recruiters willing not only to accept these changes but to transform them into opportunities will continue to see results.

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